The Private Life Of Personal Style Bloggers

When I first started writing my blog I didn't really discuss what I was wearing (when I actually posted outfits); I figured the pictures would do the talking for me and used my words to muse on other subjects. However, as my blog popularity has grown I feel less comfortable discussing personal topics here. Believe it or not, I would prefer to not bare my soul to an Internet full of strangers! I also don't think it is right to compromise the privacy of my friends or family who have chosen not to have blogs. Fairly often I appear to live in total isolation, but while I am not a very social girl there are people I interact with in real life! There are dramas and stories to tell about their lives that overlap and affect my own, but is it really my place to discuss my part in them if it leads to compromising another's privacy? I think not and since I have total control over what is revealed and hidden on this blog there is a quite a lot that goes unsaid. So, until I find more interesting and non-invasive things to write about you might be left with musings on my outfits, complaints about the weather, and anecdotes about my lack of grace...

Outfit details:
Clothes Horse dress c/o Modcloth
self-made bow belt
Seychelles shoes from my sisters
Modcloth necklace
filigree ring via Gilt

This is probably the only dress in my closet that is this beige/nude color; it's the sort of color I worry will wash me out. However, this dress has been getting a lot of wear, so perhaps I should rethink my usual palette?


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