Never Mind Faded Forests

As you might have noticed, the forests around me are anything but faded. I find no need to adjust the colors in my images to make things seem brighter or greener; our excessive rainfall leaves the region lush and vibrant. In fact, these pictures were snapped in a brief sunbreak between storms. I feel quite surrounded by green: books on green things, green packages, dresses, trees, and even the flora we clip and arrange around our house in pretty vases...

Also, please note my new-to-me shoes. I had a pair last year that was nearly exactly the same (vintage as well). That pair had the misfortune of not surviving my move across country; a couple of my boxes were lost in shipping and the one that contained those shoes (my favorite scarf and some books) was one of the boxes to go missing. These have thankfully filled the void the absence of the first pair left in my life. I look forward to wearing them much this summer to ground floaty dresses.

Outfit details:
Hats in the Belfry hat
F21 dress
vintage shoes via RainbowJaguar
PacSun purse
filigree ring via Gilt
The Quotation airplane ring
self-mixed nail polish


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