Civilization Is The Progress Toward A Society Of Privacy

My friend who was visiting last week has flown back across the country. Her absence and miserable, grey weather have left me with little desire to venture far outdoors. This week I have not explored much, but have chosen to hole myself up in my room with the music blasting and a pile of books to devour. As much as I am an independent person, I do occasionally enjoy the company of someone I know well to encourage me towards new frontiers. It is one thing to discover an abandoned shack in the woods and another entirely to stumble upon it while with a friend...

P.S. If you like vintage check out Mother's Daughter. It's a new amazingly, curated online shop and it's where my dress is from.

Outfit details:
H&M hat
UO jacket
vintage dress via Mother's Daughter
Cynthia Rowley tights via Gilt
vintage shoes
Juicy Couture handbag via Gilt
self-mixed nail polish


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