Quivers In The Sunny Breeze

I was "saving" my sequin, vintage cape to wear this summer over floaty dresses, but since I'm beginning to doubt the existence of summer I decided to mix it up with jeans and a tee instead. It's good to try a different look every now and then; like wearing one of the several pairs of jeans I own that don't get much attention. When I was in high school I used to wear jeans every day, not because I liked them but because I was self-conscious of my pale legs! Around my senior year I got over that silliness and started to actually wear clothes I enjoyed. Despite the fact that I am in jeans, this is definitely an enjoyable outfit to me. It feels more casual and eclectic than my usual looks; like a spring breeze after a winter spent locked up indoors.

Outfit details:
vintage cape
H&M shirt
Stadium Swapmeet necklace
Cheap Monday jeans
Seychelles heels; gift from my sisters


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