Do We Not Live In Dreams?

Krystalrae recently sent me this really cool necklace. It's such a unique piece, I didn't want to wear anything that would take attention away from it on its first outing. Do you ever feel that way about clothes and accessories? You know, treating them like they're new, honored guests to be shown off and around town when they first come into your possession? I also decided to play in contrasts: the modern, asymmetrical necklace offered a perfect bit of edge to the dainty blue dress and heart print socks.

The socks do make me feel rather trendy when worn with open-toed shoes, but they ended up being very practical and protecting me from ant bites! This particular location is swarming with ants, bees, and humming birds. I think it is the blackberry bushes that are blooming and drawing all the critters out. I really like living places where you can go pick blackberries for free...

Outfit details:
ASOS dress
Betsey Johnson socks c/o Modcloth
UO wedges


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