Get Me To The Church On Time

One of my sisters is officially a married lady! The special event that brought family members and me to Indiana was her wedding. It was a beautiful day, but it is all very surreal to me. At one point during the ceremony one of the other bridesmaids whispered to me, "this is really happening" and I still have a hard time comprehending that. I will now be addressing my letters, e-mails, and packages to my sister with a different last name than the one we grew up sharing! It was also the first wedding I've ever attended (everyone finds this hard to believe) and (obviously) my first time as a bridesmaid in green with big, curly hair. My mother and other sister kept calling me a "leprechaun." Comment or compliment?

The ceremony flew by, just as the pastor had warned it would at the rehearsal. That made me appreciate the time we had spent together making the bouquets and boutonnieres, and decorating the church and reception hall. The reception was incredibly fun and as typical with family get-togethers: full of characters. My French septuagenarian great-aunt got wild on the dance floor and declared, "I'm a spring chicken!" That was only one of only many entertaining one-liners I heard over the course of the evening. One oft-repeated line was from my sister's friend was, "Modest is hottest." A new slogan for the old blog (I think not)? Although it was my first wedding reception, I think it is safe to say it was an exceptional one.

*pictures by my cousin Gary, my sister, my father, and myself (we passed my camera around quite a bit!)


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