Before Cary Grant became the dapper actor we all remember him as, he traveled in the circus. No lie. You would never guess this from most of his films or even his persona off-screen, but one movie does briefly display some of his acrobatic skills: Holiday. His tumbling abilities are definitely not center stage in the movie (it only occurs in one short scene, but it still kills me!) which is a romantic comedy that also stars the ever enigmatic Katharine Hepburn.

Johnny Case (Grant) is a free-spirited young lawyer who just wants to make enough so he can go on a holiday. He intends to enjoy himself until the money runs out, because he'd rather enjoy himself while he's young and work hard when he's old. However, Johnny gets sidetracked by a whirlwind romance with a wealthy young woman and it isn't long before the lady and her father begins to interfere. Johnny starts to consider compromising his ideals and plans for his love, but he finds support from his entertaining friends (played by Edward Horton and Jean Dixon) and the black sheep of his fiancée's family (Katharine Hepburn). Will Johnny Case settle down to a predictable life of respectability or will he join the "anti-stuffed shirt society" and take his extended holiday?

Holiday, copyright Columbia Pictures Corporation


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