This Town Is Awfully Square For A Cat Like Me

On my last day in Indiana we walked around downtown Indianapolis. It was sweltering and I definitely questioned my penchant for black dresses and scarves as a summer accessory. These pictures were snapped the White River Gardens, which was a pleasant patch of green and shade in the overly bright day. The butterfly room was also, obviously worth the visit.

Oh, and it is funny to me how many people commented that my sister looks like me...because frankly, I don't see it! Our hair color (and texture) is the most obvious difference, but many of our features also differ: my face is heart-shaped/round and hers is oval, she has dimples and I don't (wish I did!), our noses are distinctly different, and other various details separate us as well. In high school, many of our friends didn't know we were related...although my sister pointed out when they "discovered" we were siblings that she wouldn't hang-out with a freshman when she was a junior unless there was a familial tie! I do take people thinking we look similar as a compliment and we share the same facial expressions.

Outfit details:
secondhand scarf
UO dress
H&M flats
*pictures by my cousin and me


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