Bridges Over The Seine: Pont Alexandre III

I'm quite enamored with the bridges in Paris, there are a plethora stretching across the Seine and canals, each offering seemingly endless variety. Decorative architecture really appeals to the Rococo devotee in me and I've stumbled across a few places that feature this style here. My sister and I happened across the Pont Alexandre III bridge on our wanderings and decided to pause and snap a few pictures.
There's something about the decadence and gaudiness of the Rococo period and style that I find enthralling. I tend to be a minimalist in my personal wardrobe, but I think I harbor some maximalism tendencies. My apartment (which I feel as if I have been talking about and planning since I was 15...) will hopefully be a colorful, crowded little hole that resembles a curiosity shop rather than a home...although the practical side of me (which is probably what keeps my style simple) wonders if I won't create that apartment for many years to come, because I hate the thought of filling every nook and cranny only to rip it apart and pack it up in less than four years time...and four years is the longest I've ever lived anywhere.

Outfit details:
Triptych dress via The Olive Shoppe
H&M flats
Cheap Monday sunglasses
Deux Lux purse
*pictures of me, courtesy of my sister


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