Cambridge Castle Mound

Apparently there was once a castle here in Cambridge, but all that remains is this mound where the moote once stood. Now it has the best views of Cambridge, although I must admit I was expecting it to be slightly taller (I actually walked right past it on accident and had to backtrack). It was a nice, quiet spot tucked away from the tourist crowds bustling about below and from observation: a good place for a picnic.

I think I enjoyed the steps leading up to the top as much as I enjoyed the view up there. Although, between the wind and spurts of rain it was a less than idyllic day to take in the sights. It's funny that while the US is experiencing record highs I'm going through some rather typical English weather and temperatures in the 60s. Which, when it isn't raining, is a decent temperature if you plan on walking a lot...

Outfit details:
H&M dress
Tabio tights
Bloch wedges via Gilt
Deux Lux purse
*all pictures by me via my tripod


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