London Day Six: Regent's Park & Mirror Shots

On my last full day in London I visited the famous and much recommended Portobello Road Market, then wandered around Oxford Circus for awhile. In the evening I met back up with my sister and she took me to the Regent's Park where she has been doing her running. It was a really lovely and expansive park; I brought my tripod along to get some pictures among the flowers and fountains.

At my recent blogger meet-ups, we discussed blogger photographs and how it used to be de rigueur for personal style bloggers to take exclusively mirror shots. Lately, the bar has been set much higher and I personally don't mind it--I like to think of my photographs as a creative expression and think as much about my composition, lighting, and location as I do of myself and my outfit. Yes, this does mean an investment of time not everyone can or is willing to make, but as I said before: I don't mind the time and effort to take pictures (most days). However, I decided to take some quick shots of me trying on dresses at Topshop as a sort of nod to those simpler days...Looking at these pictures in retrospect, there is also a nice amount of anonymity in this style. The camera covers my face completely and you really just see the clothes. It's stark, simple, and when they're not blurry I think a mirror shot is quite acceptable.

Outfit details:
Myne silk shirt via Gilt (worn backwards and knotted)
secondhand leather skirt
H&M flats
Deux Lux purse


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