London Day Five: Bloggers, Cupcakes, and Silliness

This was one of my best days in London so far (and really one of the last as well!). I met up with Selina (Flying Saucer), Winnie (Diamond Canopy), Kristabel (I Want You To Know), and Kylie (Nice and Shiny); we started off at the Hummingbird Bakery for some cupcakes—which apparently is fashion blogger meet-up law. The cupcakes were quite exceptional and we ended up chatting at the bakery for nearly two hours before we realized the time. That’s the great thing about blogger meet-ups; it isn’t really about meeting some illustrious writer/blogger, but hopefully meeting some people you share a lot of commonalities with that you wouldn’t have met otherwise (and you're already creepily familiar with...).
After the last cupcake crumb was consumed it was on to the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum; which is now my favorite museum in London and I have been to many in the past few days! This museum focuses on design, but since design runs the gamut there was a really large and almost random collection of exhibits to wander through. In the jewelry exhibit there was a very interesting piece on subversive tiaras that I really enjoyed. It’s interesting how an item that used to be required in court dress and was the most status-laden of jewelry has become egalitarian and can be found in a plethora of materials and is very rarely seen today made from precious stones…

After our educational ventures through the V&A we headed over to Oxford Circus for some shopping, or rather shop browsing. The four story Topshop is definitely worth a visit and I was surprised to see that they sell vintage items in that store as well. There was also quite a lot of nail polish and false eyelash ogling.
Also, bloggers can clearly have a good laugh at themselves, as we decided to monkey a few traditional blogger poses. I really think there’s a reason these poses are synonymous across the web: they’re awfully comfortable to go into when you’re staring at a camera. We also attempted a jumping pic several times and while the end picture wasn't so perfect, I really enjoyed making gifs from all our attempts.

Outfit details:
Triptych dress via The Olive Shoppe
H&M flats
Deux Lux purse
*pictures of me taken by Kylie; group shots via my self-timer and a handy flower pot


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