Paris Sous La Pluie

On a rainy day here in Paris my sister and I spent most of our time in our borrowed apartment escaping the bad weather. It was actually a pleasant little breather, as I have been tourist-ing nonstop in Paris. Every day has been a long and lovely walk to some interesting destination and then an equally long walk back. After awhile, as much as you enjoy seeing new things, you just want to put your feet up and eat some macarons.
I took these pictures using my tripod in the stairwell and hallway outside of our apartment. It's a dark, narrow little space so it was quite difficult to get images I was satisfied with, especially as I quite dislike pictures taken indoors in general. Still, the outfit is Proenza Schouler inspired, so I thought I would share my slightly Gothic, school girl outfit.
Outfit details:
UO dress
Deux Lux purse


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