Punting Along In Cambridge

So I haven't actually been punting yet, but I am in Cambridge now. I'll be here for about two weeks while my sister continues her research, although I might take a few day trips to other spots...



  1. Hi Rebecca ! I just would like to tell you how much I LOVE your blog, that's a real pleasure to see you post every day :)
    Cambridge is wonderful, I can promise **

    Enjoy England, it is one of the most beautiful country in the world..

    Léa -from France-

    P.S : sorry for my too bad English :S

  2. Hey sweetie, I hope you have an amazing time in Cambridge - I'm sure you will love it. One shop I think you will like is Ark, there are two in Cambridge. One has more "stuff" (general really pretty things) and a bit of vintage clothing whereas the other has more vintage and a bit less stuff. Make sure you check it out, it's a real Cambridge gem! Oh and have a look at the market, the main on in the centre is great but there's also a little craft market which has some really nice stuff.
    If you want to venture out a bit you should definitely pop to the Orchard Tearooms in Grantchester, it's a really lovely place and such a nice setting. I know you're into poetry so maybe check out the history here http://www.orchard-grantchester.com/ because that might be something you might like?

    If you need any ideas I would be glad to suggest things. :) Hope you enjoy Cambridge!

  3. Always love your gifs and this one is really sweet!

  4. My God... you don't know how lucky you are! I love Cambridge... you should also go to Oxford, it's reeeeally nice


  5. Yay we live in Cambridge.

    The museums in town are quite cool. The zoology one's definitely worth a quick visit.


  6. Have fun, you lucky lucky girl.. your GIFs are adorable.

  7. cool animation!
    good luck to ur sis, enjoy being at beautiful Camridge. haven't been there since highschool!

  8. Ooh! I lived there for 2 years...isn't it gorgeous? Especially in Summer!

  9. I loveee Cambridge, it has pretty good shopping too! :) I definately recommend getting one of the boats and going down the river! It's so lovely there! :D

    Hope you're having a great time in England :)

    April xo

  10. hey, if you are looking for somewhere to visit you really have to go to Bath for a day trip, its so beautiful and there are loads of amazing boutiques and cafe's hidden away in rows after rows of tiny streets. if you are going i can give you a few recomendations of places to try if you want!! xx

  11. Love the animation, Enjoy England!

    M and S


  12. I second the Bath comment; it's lovely!

  13. Gosh, have a lovely time - it looks beautiful! :)

  14. Cant wait to see where you ahve been and what you have been doing .. so... post some photos soon :)

  15. Awesome gif! Love your posts as always!!!

  16. I lived there for 3 years and never went punting!!!

  17. Have fun in Cambridge, it's such a lovely place, well I remember it being when I went a few years ago! :)


  18. Oh, I live near Cambridge! It is lovely. If you have time, I would recommend a visit to the Rainbow Cafe opposite King's College - they do the best veggie and vegan food. The desserts are amaaaaaaaazing.

    Hannah xx

  19. Have fun! Like peeps above me, I also recommend Oxford and Bath for tourists. Plus Manchester too, because I live there and thinks it's ace.

  20. Yes, Bath is my favourite city in all of England! It's so lovely. I've never been to cambridge before but i think I'd like it lots, I love all the old cities of the UK.


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