Au Revoir, Paris

This is my last official post from Paris, but worry not as I still have Italy to visit before I head back to the States (and mundanity consumes!). It's hard to wrap-up how I feel about Paris; I guess it is mostly because life, impressions, and memories don't fit into neat little boxes. I certainly enjoyed my time there and I think its a lovely city, but those statements don't really express much.

I'm glad everyone else has enjoyed my posts. It has not always been easy blogging while traveling (and well, that journey isn't quite over!), but it's nice to have a virtual record of these times. When you are traveling the time flies by and you tend to so much in a short while that it all quickly fades from memory. I think I would be happy to put up with every inconvenience to do it again; I'd be just as happy if my blog was a travel blog as a style one since I think I care more about new places than I do about new clothes! Lately, I've been eyeing dresses and thinking "that's a plane ticket to the west coast!" So, I suppose as I leave Paris I'm more excited about seeing new places than sad to leave this one...

Outfit details:
UO jacket
secondhand leather skirt
Deux Lux purse
*all pictures by me at Parc des Buttes-Chaumon


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