You've Never Seen A Woman Taken By The Wind

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When I saw this dress at the Family Affair's studio, I immediately thought it looked cute, but also so comfy! Nina, the designer agreed telling me it was the sort of dress "you live in." For the past few days here in Maryland I have been doing just that. The fabric is perfection; it has a nice weight to it which means that although it's a tent-shape it hangs nicely. The ribbon trimming along the collar, hems, and pockets really highlights the sweet details of the dress.

On pictures: as you can see I'm back to seeking out rural haunts for backdrops. I just enjoy wandering around secluded spots and with the excuse of giving my Aunt's dog a walk, it makes perfect sense. Living in a city can't make you more stylish...but it can mean more stylish friends. I certainly didn't meet anyone in the corn fields!

Outfit details:
Snoozer Loser necklace
Nine West booties
*all pictures by me


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