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So, as you can see in these pictures the ends of my hair are a new color. I wanted mermaid hair, so I dyed them blue at home...however, I didn't want to damage my hair so I didn't use bleach and I used RAW dye. The result is the blue is quite subtly blue and mostly just looks black from a distance. I knew it wouldn't be exactly how I wanted it without bleach, but I had hoped it would look blue! Quite disappointing! However, I'm still excited I did it at all and I might make the bleach plunge soon...afterall my hair is long enough I can just cut off the ends.
In other news, the weekend was a total pumpkin explosion! We ate pumpkin in every possible form: baked pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie...well you get the idea. We even carved up a few pumpkins and I finally went to a little pumpkin patch and stand, which of course meant getting a few obligatory photos.
Outfit details:
UO dress (worn as shirt)
secondhand skirt
Deux Lux purse
Cheap Monday sunglasses
*pictures of me, courtesy of my friend Brittany
**we were sort of matching b/c there was a plaid party...we don't usually dress the same! :)



  1. WOW! I LOVE your hair x

  2. I think your hair looks lovely even though it didn't come out quite how you wanted <3

  3. loooove your hair! i think it looks great, despite the subtleness.

  4. Your hair looks sooo cool! I'm gathering from reading some of the other comments that it was not what you where after but I think it looks awesome. What great Fall photos, the pumpking patch and your cute fall outfit.

  5. awwww you're looking cute xD
    and wow those are gazzilion pumpkins lol,,
    anw love love your hair~~

  6. I love a vomiting Jack O' Lantern.

  7. Loving the blue ends on your hair! I have been wanting to do turquoise but everyone is saying no. I just may ignore them and do it though...

  8. You can hardly notice the hair color change, but it looks nice. :) I ADORE your skirt. :)

  9. I love your boldness in trying new things with your hair -- I think it looks great. Hope it works out the way you want next time.

    I love that skirt - it is the perfect color and I love seeing all the ways you've remixed before.

    Sidewalk Chalk

  10. Your hair is so pretty and that pumpkin is hilarious! XOXO, www.NatalyasCloset.com

  11. Love the photos, so much autumn goodness (and great job with the skirt> pumpkin match)!

    Really love the dipped ends - do you have any photos of your actual blue hair? That would be awesome.

    Having a Net a Porter giveaway on my blog! Hope you can stop by :)


  12. Beautiful pictures, and I love what you did to your hair, it looks really good!

  13. your hair looks great! so subtle yet striking.

  14. I like your attitude towards hair - it grows back, so what does it matter? Interesting choice, I think it was a change no one would have guess but it looks cool.

  15. Love the spewing pumpkin.. And you guys look cute in your similar shirts!



  16. It looks like you're cradling a Rouge vif d'Etampes pumpkin. That's the one used for Cinderella's coach. Just throwing some plant info out there. :-)

  17. love the colour coordination to the pumpkin ;-)

  18. Ooo I love your skirt! Is it leather? Adorable :0) I always love your blog, you are very stylish.


  19. Love you hair color always -- it's hard to tell with the blue, it does look black in photos. Looks pretty though!

  20. Your hair looks awesome!!
    I wish we had anywhere to go playing with pumpkin here :( It looks like so much fun and perfectly fitting with the season

  21. love how your skirt looks amazing with the pumpkins!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  22. Haha, I was just about to ask whether you matched eachother on purpose. Love the skirt, it's pumkin-crazy!

  23. I always love that skirt. No matter what you pair with it. What a wonderful find =)

  24. lol I did the same (not wanting to damage my hair with bleach) I tried dying it blonde over dark brown hairdye without bleaching it. The result was bright orange hair because of my natural red tones. I have it dark brown again now and it will stay that way... I'm afraid of bleaching it.

  25. I love the hair, but it looks almost too subtle to see in these photos. I went with bright electric teal streaks one year that faded to a sea green, then the next year, I dyed the front half of my head deep electric royal blue which faded to purple.

    Once that was over, I was done dyeing my hair. It stained the tub too much.

    Wondering what you wore for Halloween?

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  26. I like your hair a lot! I recently did the ombre hair trend. I bleached the ends of my hair blonde and it gradually fades up into a light brown color. I love it :)

  27. Your hair looks fabulous! And a lovely fall outfit too!


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