We Caught A Glimpse Of All We Missed

So, as you can see in these pictures the ends of my hair are a new color. I wanted mermaid hair, so I dyed them blue at home...however, I didn't want to damage my hair so I didn't use bleach and I used RAW dye. The result is the blue is quite subtly blue and mostly just looks black from a distance. I knew it wouldn't be exactly how I wanted it without bleach, but I had hoped it would look blue! Quite disappointing! However, I'm still excited I did it at all and I might make the bleach plunge soon...afterall my hair is long enough I can just cut off the ends.
In other news, the weekend was a total pumpkin explosion! We ate pumpkin in every possible form: baked pumpkin seeds, pumpkin cookies, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie...well you get the idea. We even carved up a few pumpkins and I finally went to a little pumpkin patch and stand, which of course meant getting a few obligatory photos.
Outfit details:
UO dress (worn as shirt)
secondhand skirt
Deux Lux purse
Cheap Monday sunglasses
*pictures of me, courtesy of my friend Brittany
**we were sort of matching b/c there was a plaid party...we don't usually dress the same! :)


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