Before The Red Sunset Glimmer

I think pom-poms are have a microtrend moment...and not just in my wardrobe! Everywhere I look they seem to be popping up, just like stud details did a few seasons ago. I won't even attempt to analyze what the soft pom-poms in comparison to hard studs says about the psychological shift in society as reflected in trends--perhaps I'll just have to find a way to wear studs and pom-poms in a single outfit for some dichotomy.

Anyway, covered in pom-poms or not, this cardigan was too cute to resist and I rather like the muted brown tone that is quite unfamiliar in my wardrobe. Something so muted had to be paired with a bright color and my red tights were a welcome option.
P.S. I had to include the last gif to show you how much I squirm around while taking pictures!
Outfit details:
MinkPink dress
We Love Colors tights
Jeffrey Campbell mary janes
Clinque red red red lipstick



  1. love the tights. whenever I wear anything that bright I look silly, but they suit you really well :) xx

  2. Red tights are always so striking, and you paired them well with toned-down neutral colors!

    Have a merry Christmas!

  3. That sweater is lovely! Viva la pom poms! lol

    -Juliette WhereForArtThouRomeo

  4. Beautiful!
    Come into my blog when you want, you're welcome (:

  5. I'm in love with your shoes! They are the perfect pair of mary janes!

  6. That cardigan is SO cute!

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Vintage Coat and Hat from My Grandma’s Closet

  7. I really love this outfit! My favourite of yours from this month so far...

  8. Oh wow, I absolutely adore your cardigan and your shoes! Pretty :)

  9. Ah, so cute! I love the festive tights, and the color of that cardigan is fabulous, you're right.
    The 4th picture of you is so cute, too! :)

  10. Elles sont très belles tes chaussures ! jolie tenue :)

  11. so freakin' cute! happy holidays pretty girl! x

  12. Love the cardigan on you! Though I have a feeling pompoms would look ridiculous on me, haha xD

  13. your hair is gorgeous! love the entire outfit! so cute <3

    xo, camilla

  14. I really love those shoes, I've been looking for suede platform Mary Janes ever since I first saw these on your blog but have so far had no luck :( I've found several pairs with really spindly heels, but firstly I can't walk in those and I want some like yours with a slight 90s/cartoon vibe. Love the pompoms too!

  15. I love this, Rebecca! How fun is that cardigan?!?!

    Happy Holidays! :)

    i wander, i wonder

  16. I like the tights and the shoes

  17. tooo cute!!!! i love the red tights and mary janes together.. :)

    Animated Confessions

  18. I'm in love with your style! Your tights are so bold and the heels <3 The dress is so gorgeous as well!!

  19. This is about my favorite of your outfits! simply adorable!!! happy new year to you!

    XO Lisa

  20. Red tights, polka dots and high heeled mary janes? YES. For some reason this whole outfit vaguely reminds me of Minnie Mouse, like a grown-up-more-applicable version of her. I love JC, those shoes look so wonderfully cute. :)

    Toast with Charmalade

  21. This is very beautifully put together. you look stunning in it.

  22. wow, I would never attempt something like this but it really works.
    I love the red tights- they're bright without being over-powering :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  23. The cardigan really is the star of your outfit. And I noticed the color right away too. It looks great with your hair.

  24. What an adorable sweater! I approve of this pom pom trend.

  25. You look lovely !
    I have never seen red tights look so GOOD.
    I want your cardi !

  26. I love it! You are gorgeous!

  27. I'm trying to get my hands on your shoes, could you tell me where you got them from? Although I am naturally disadvantaged with being in the UK so they may just be beyond my reach!


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