Bitter Hostility Of The Sky And Trees

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Please don't be deceived by my lack of a coat and gloves; it is still bone-achingly cold in our region. I however decided to strip off my outer layers for a few minutes in order to properly show my outfit underneath. Something about the styling feels very collegiate to me (perhaps one too many viewings of Good News is to blame?). The sweatshirt reminds me of a sporty/team shirt...but in a very well-done way since the gryphon design is beaded. The chambray skirt from Chloe Loves Charlie seemed liked a nice compliment and reminiscent of old reliable jeans. The whole outfit also reminds me of those laughable athletic editorials magazines do. I'm on a bit of a red kick lately...which is a good thing, as I need to have more red in my wardrobe!
P.S. Get 15% off at Chloe Loves Charlie with code "clotheshorse."the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintage

Outfit details:
Juicy Couture purse
Buxom Lip Stick in Barcelona



  1. great shirt.
    love your shoes and bag..
    looking good.

  2. You're so adorable. :D :D I love that shirt, it has such a lovely neat design on it~ > w<

  3. SO FESTIVE. And yet utterly chic. But stay warm!

  4. Love this outfit, super cute! I also braved the freezing conditions this morning for the sake of a few good photos! What are we like?? haa

  5. The shirt and the shoes are so cute:)

  6. The Chambray skirt is a way for you to cheat: i.e., wear denim without donning pants.

    I see the snow has disappeared. I love places that are cold and wintry without lots of snow. I really need to move south.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  7. Great outfit. I hate how the weather can sometimes forse you to cover up a good outfit, but your coats are always nice anyway!

  8. Griffin, or double headed Romanov eagle?? xx

  9. Great layering, I need to try out layering tshirt-type tops over shirts. We are having to go for all-over cover-ups here in the UK - today it was officially colder than reading station in Antartica. Brrrrrrrr!

  10. Love your whole outfit..Have yourself a merry little Christmas>:D<

    xoxo sere

  11. By the way, the design on your shirt is the Albanian flag! :)

  12. @Mae Lu, oh we've still got snow! but they cleared a few places & since I prefer to not fall on my butt, I went there. :) the beach is still quite white too.

  13. ugh, those shoes and the skirt are amazing!

  14. I love the outfit. It does have a school girl type vibe. Very cute. You must have been freezing though!!


  15. This outfit is gorgeous! I am in love with that top!!!

  16. Very refreshing! <3

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”

    Vintage Coat and Hat from My Grandma’s Closet

  17. The Harry Potter nerd in me instantly thought of Gryffindor when you said "collegiate" with that shirt-- it's too perfect! But HP or not, the outfit is still casual with a lot of class.

    Toast with Charmalade

  18. Lovely outfit. You definitely should wear more red- I think it's very striking on redheads.

    Like others said, that is an Albanian flag, or a Russian double headed eagle without a crown.


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