Darkness Is A Harsh Term, Don’t You Think?

So, I'm wearing my newest cape out and about which is always a good thing. It's funny to me how popular capes are on the interwebs right now, yet how ostentatious and flat-out odd I can feel when I wear one of mine out. Ultimately, my dislike of sticking out like a sore thumb is mitigated by my desire to wear clothes I enjoy...like my capes.

I'm also returning to other things I enjoy and have strayed from: books and music. I'm currently reading and enjoying two novels (two because one is too large to carry in my purse, but I don't like to leave the house without some reading material), often while listening to mix CDs from friends. The alliance of the two is especially sweet to "rediscover." Lately, all I want to do is sit somewhere cozy with my headphones on and a book in my hands. With my book and music suggestions coming from friends in faraway states it also makes me feel connected to individuals I'm quite separate from.
Outfit details:
ALICE by Temperley cape, won in a contest
MaraisUSA flats
OPI nail polish
*pictures by my friend Brittany


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