Oh Bright Star, Were I As Steadfast As Thou Art

the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, personal style, fashion, retro, star print dress, family affairs, toujours toi, leather bomber, gold oxfords, moat, retro, vintageThese pictures were taken inside the moat wall; specifically in the lone footpath through the wall. If the sun was less bright that day you might be able to spy the water of the moat outside of the window I am perched in. I knew I had to take pictures in this spot because people have a (natural) curiosity about life inside a moat. The other, limited paths through the moat (one of which I posed above here) would be hazardous to photograph inside since they are adapted to accommodate vehicles and thus are being driven through. In this particular spot I have no fear of being run-over by a car, but I did avoid attempting to photograph because of foot traffic.

While there are a number of homes inside the moat wall, there are also businesses and even a museum. Meaning on a typical weekday this intriguing path of brick and archways is fairly popular. I don't photograph popular spots because: I dislike strangers in the backs of my photographs, it's annoying to move your tripod every few shots, and it's uncomfortable to be observed in the photographic process. However, on Sunday I ventured here with my tripod in hand and was lucky enough to find it quiet and empty. Walking through those archways makes me appreciate my height (or lack thereof)...the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, personal style, fashion, retro, star print dress, family affairs, toujours toi, leather bomber, gold oxfords, moat, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, personal style, fashion, retro, star print dress, family affairs, toujours toi, leather bomber, gold oxfords, moat, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, personal style, fashion, retro, star print dress, family affairs, toujours toi, leather bomber, gold oxfords, moat, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, personal style, fashion, retro, star print dress, family affairs, toujours toi, leather bomber, gold oxfords, moat, retro, vintage
Outfit details:
UO jacket
Old Gold Boutique scarf
Juicy Couture purse



  1. My favourite photo of you is the third one down. The close up, soft focus with your face cut off by the bleed. It's really, really interesting an angle.

    And of course, you in a spot of sunlight filtering brightly through a portico in the Moat wall.

    Yes, I'm quite curious as to what life in a Moat is like... Especially because you live in the area that was populated and built up around the same time my hometown nearby was (Victoria, BC). It's just strange to see what adults can do as modern explorers and style mavens in such geography/architectural features in the same area I used to run about in as a child.

    I love seeing you feature your surroundings so prominently. Where I live now is nowhere near as interesting as where you live.

    And that's another reason why I never photograph outside. 1. the surroundings kind of suck. 2. People watching me take photos of myself is really awkward and feels intrusive.

    So, everyone is blessed with interiors of my boring condo.


    If I didn't have so many obligations in such little time, I'd want to visit you on my vacation up to Victoria in a few weeks for the Christmas Holiday. I fly into Seattle. However, we're pressed for time. Sad. You're so close, yet so far away. :)

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  2. adorable. like your outfit

  3. I really love that last image of you, the one where your shoes are in the light! So clever. It's lovely thought provoking imagery.. also my good god do i love those gold shoes!!!

  4. I definitely feel your sentiments with crowded places! It seems more comfortable to me to have someone else take my photos in crowded areas because then it doesn't make me look like a fool alone!

    Your shoes are really pretty :)

  5. Ack crowds.
    Gorgeous skirt with that jacket, I love the contrast.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Christmas bracelet giveaway

  6. absolutely stunning photographs! love the lighting and such an interesting setting. xo

  7. stunning photos!


  8. Love love these photos. They fit perfectly with your style and outfit.


  9. The last picture is so clever! It looks like your shoes are melted gold.

  10. Your hair in these shots looks like it would look amazing as a bob!

  11. Lovely look! I adore the scarf.

  12. The light is really nice in there! And the pictures are lovely, especially the third and fifth. I'm kind of in love with that Family Affairs dress, it looks perfectly gauzy and floaty. And I really like the colour of your scarf!

  13. the dress and scarf are divine!


  14. @Anonymous, thanks! I am considering it. My hair was in a bob when I first started blogging.

  15. These are amazing. :) Great outfit ( ♥ star print & shiney shoes), great shots!

  16. cute outfit
    loving the last picture!


    Would love for you to check out what we have in store!


  18. Your gold booties have me hypnotized--they look adorable!


  19. Absolutely love the dress! The whole outfit is golden actually =) I love the way you pulled it all together!


  20. i love this location.
    i love being able to photograph against brick.
    the texture and color are always so beautiful.
    you look beautiful and the shoes and scarf go so well together.

  21. You look gorgeous, and that outfit is really well assembled. I like your little shiny shoes, they're very cute. And the location is really pretty - good that you're making the most of it ;)

  22. you look adorable as ever!! still a big fan of yours.

    XO Lisa

    from sweeties vintage

  23. that last photo is amazing. it looks like your shoes are glowing...also kind of looks like you're about to be beamed up :)

  24. It seems like a very cool moat!
    These pictures are gorgeous, the lighting in that last one in particular is just sensationally dramatic

  25. Wow Im liking your hair that length I must say! Maybe you should cut it...although it is soooo pretty long as well! You should try doing a fake bob every now and then! it's pretty easy,there are some great tutorials up on youtube!

    You are very brave to take photos of yourself in public...a couple of times I have attempted to do so while pretending I wasnt. Resting the camera on a wall and trying to feign nonchalant-hand-on-head-blogspot poses. I die of embarrassment a little even thinking about it! Anyway, you look beautiful and VERY nonchalant ;-) xx

  26. Beautiful shots, and a lovely outfit. the last photo of you in that little patch of light though is absolutely stunning.

  27. madly in love with your star dress!!! aaahh!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  28. Adorable outfit!


  29. These photos are lovely and I still love those gold shoes of yours, also love the detail on your scarf.

    I feel really awkward posing in front of anyone other than my sister/mother since you kind of get into a routine when it comes to photos. I really admire the fact that you got these shots though!

  30. the color of this jacket is so RICH and amazing looking on you!!!! and these booties almost make me think that if Dorothy had to pick gold booties to click her heels to go home, these would be them! love this ensemble!

    xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com

  31. I love your outfit! Your dress is adorable, and you look super cute.
    Boho Market

  32. like your outfit

  33. what a cool place to take photos in. I love that last one with the spot of light.

    P.s. thanks for the comment! I've missed knowing that you read my little blog :)

  34. love your star dress, so cute! :)


  35. These photos are lovely. I love the portrait shot. The little stars on your dress are adorable.


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