First In Flight

This dress is like a retro flight attendant uniform and thus impossible for me to resist, especially in such a punchy color. In case you missed the memo: I am a color addict (bright colors, off-beat colors, saturated and faded hues, they draw me like a bee to honey). Pairing the vibrant blue with peachy hues, mustard yellow, and some brown just seemed like such a wonderful mix of shades. Once again, I also seem to be reflecting my surroundings; brightly hued ocean in the sun and sea grasses turning more golden with fall.

*The dress came with a large white bow which I removed; it was very cute, but I think the dress is more versatile without it; it was very easy to remove with a seam-ripper.

Outfit details:
thrifted scarf
Cheap Monday sunglasses
Deux Lux purse
OPI nail polish


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