Two Together Are Always Going Somewhere

My friend Brittany (who I visited in Pennsylvania about a month ago) came down to check out the Virginia scenery. We had a lot of fun attempting to shoot a video and exploring the area. It's always enjoyable to share your favorite haunts with someone else and I even shared a bit of my wardrobe as well. Brittany has a very adventuring spirit and always pushes me to hike through more woods and climb more trees. Pushing from friends is so necessary and something I often forget in my introversion and independence. Yes, I am capable of happily living like a hermit, but socialization (especially with the right people) really brings out the best in me and helps me enjoy my surroundings more...I'm already planning another trip up to Pennsylvania, although I hardly know when I will be able to make it.

Outfit details:
UO jacket
MaraisUSA flats
*pictures by my friend Brittany

Brittany's details:
H&M anorak
Built by Wendy dress (mine)
black tights
vintage shoes (mine)


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