No Artist Believes In Escapism

the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintageMy mind always wanders when I spend time down at the beach. It’s a good space to think in; often devoid of other human occupants (especially now in these chill conditions) and soothingly consistent. I like to sit on a rock where the waves rise up around me and stare out at the distant horizon. Something about the broad, empty landscape seems to open new horizons in your mind.
That was a theme in Black Narcissus (a film I reviewed & a post I accidentally deleted…). In the film one of the nuns complained that that the open space and distant horizon at their new convent made her think too much; that her mind became too open and she couldn’t focus on her task at hand. One of the producers of that film, Powell, would usually go off for a walk in the hills of Scotland to clear his head…an interesting fact that makes me wonder if his art was an imitation of his life; geography and location seemed to play into his personal actions and were often given significance in many of his films. Which is one of the things I love about the Archer Production Company; which was made up of Powell and Pressburger. They stated in their manifesto (which is genius!), “No artist believes in escapism. And we secretly believe that no audience does. We have proved, at any rate, that they will pay to see the truth, for other reasons than her nakedness.” Thus, when they repeatedly return to message of environment, it feels personal and real.
The theme of location and surroundings on our psyche is also one I seem continuously drawn to ponder (occasionally aloud here on this blog)….I could ramble on, but like my thoughts down by the ocean these are merely unorganized musings. The thoughts flow organically, but don’t come to a cohesive conclusion…
the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintage

Outfit details:
UO jacket
vintage dress
Buxom Lip Stick in Barcelona



  1. love your scarf! i've been needing an oversized one like that!

    --la vie en BROKE--

  2. I lave whole outfit! :)
    And I really like your "animations" ...epecially the seaside ones.


  3. I love the ocean for these musings, you can even feel alone in the vastness of the ocean with others around you. I really feel calm when I'm there. I still cannot get over how beautifully close to it you are!

  4. ooooo. i so want to go to this place u always take these at!! and i love THESE BOOTIES! so rockin girl!! xo, Kim

  5. I adore your scarf! It looks so incredibly cozy.

  6. love this entire outfit, especially the scarf, gloves and tights. i know what you mean about the beach and it's calming effects. i love the fact that my apartment is along the riverfront. sometimes i'll just pull up a chair and stair out the window.


  7. I love your scarf so much =) I'm hoping to get one like it for christmas! And the pattern of your dress is lovely, and your shoes are pretty much fantastic! Basically I just love your whole outfit haha!! =D

  8. That quote is lovely. I love this post!

  9. I love how thoughtful your posts are -- inspiring outfits + inspiring words.

  10. love the vintage dress :D XXXX ♥

  11. This really makes me wonder why you studied... what was it, law? What are you going to do with your inclincation to philosophise and eyes for beauty? Go and be amazing somewhere elitist and important and cool!

  12. @Emma, haha I studied business in college & might be headed to law school next year. :) Hopefully not somewhere elist though...I don't really like those sorts of places! ;)

  13. It's funny how you have those kinds of thoughts too. Or you feel the need to "escape" to clear your mind. I do that too. It seems like I walk to work in order to feel something other than responsibility or stress. It's such a great release of energy and I feel so much better being with my own thoughts. Even in the frigid cold I love just being outside. It's also funny how my co-workers can't imagine why I like to do it. They think I'm weird and constantly ask me if I want a ride to/from work or how I could enjoy being outside at all. Anyway's I totally get it and now I need to see that movie!

  14. lovely outfit
    the shoes are perfect
    and i love the photos

  15. Oh I can definitely see how the beach is a nice place to think. I imagine seeing the distant horizon makes you want to see other places and get out and travel.

    That scarf looks so cosy!

  16. Oh me too really, I live in a small place and the elitist folk are sickening *however* they have access to many untouchable resources, people, places and information through their jobs and social groups. So for that reason I would say it's worth the compromise... just a little?! Hey I'm actually blushing so hard right now because I just logged into my blog account and saw a message you'd left after a horribly ranty post that should not have been released on the internet! You're a honey thanks for replying to my question and being so nice ^-^ I wish you lived in my city!

  17. I absolutely know what you mean. I lived by the sea my whole life, and there's just something about it. I could sit by the sea for hours and just stare at the waves, and smell the salt air. It's intoxicating, and inspiring, and calming. I get it :)

  18. aaahhh those studded tights are amazing!!! :D

    Animated Confessions

  19. Your animation today screams "Wuthering Heights" to me for some reason. And trust me--that's a huge compliment coming from this bookworm :)Not to mention those tights are to die for!

  20. sometimes it's better when your thoughts don't come to a neat conclusion, just let them swirl around, encouraged by the endless horizons and tall trees :)

  21. Awesome animation!! I love this outfit.. especially your tights.


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