On A Drear-Nighted December

the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintageOne of the greatest inaccuracies of my blog is the illusion that I spend all this time outside wandering in the day, when really I'm most active at night. Of course, night-time wandering does not lend itself well to photography...Still, in the late evening when the world has turned black and my quiet moat hamlet turns into a ghost town I begin to grow restless. Even now with the temperatures dropping making hats and wool gloves necessary for time outdoors (we even had a sprinkling of snow the other day!), I can't resist a good walk in the dark. It's an incredibly meditative time for me. I trip down empty roads with my headphones on and my mind wandering in aimless directions. Right now, it is especially magical with homes and trees decorated for Christmas. My favorite spot though is to walk down along the sea wall, out on the piers and to see distant lights rippling across the waters.

the clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintagethe clothes horse, theclotheshorse, fashion, style, retro, vintage
Outfit details:
secondhand belt
MaraisUSA flats
Buxom Lip Stick in Barcelona



  1. i enjoy night walks as well.
    gives me a calming feeling.
    i bet it is even more wonderful down by the waters. (jealous.) :)
    this dress is beautiful.
    i have not seen to many orange dresses floating around but this one is amazing and you styled it perfectly.

  2. i miss night walks.
    but a good walk in general can work wonders.

  3. Plaid + velvet makes me happy! So do warm night walks. I've been taking cold wet ones lately.

  4. I wish I had a good enough camera to capture the Christmas lights in the dark as well as outfits. Night time during the winter is really magical!

  5. nice plaid jacket.. I believe another fellow blogger post it photos with I'm sure this same jacket.. Pretty LOVE IT..

  6. Adore the plaid and that Velvet dress is gorgeous. That colour is lovely. Now I wish I owned more velvet!

  7. love the dress! so cute ^,^

  8. The color and texture of that dress is just perfection. It looks so great on you!

  9. Yum yum yum! That dress is the perfect color in the perfect fabric!

  10. I never adventured into velvet as I hated it when i was a kid! But that's such a nice orange i might give it a try some day.


  11. I love clothes that go with your haircolor. You look even more beautiful then :)

    Hugs hugs hugs !

  12. The beaches in Ft. M look amazing. By extension reasoning, it would seem the docks are, too.

    The snow here we've gotten beaten with this weekend leaves little to the same magic. I can't venture outside at all.

    Do you have any clue where you will be a year from now? Living in a town with a moat seems so magical. It's like one big star.

    I found a great picture here: http://bit.ly/gu6bDM

    You must have it down to an art, though, if you're able to take pictures of your self each day, and hopefully, not spend too much time doing it. It seems like such an undertaking for me... I hate hauling out the tripod and remote and trying to figure out how to pose.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  13. I'm diggin' it! Very nice, my friend!

    Raised By Wolves

  14. cute dress
    and yes, it does good walking slowly down the road at night!! :) and i guess that by the sea, it should be real awesome!

  15. That coat is SO cute.. I loooooove it!

  16. I love your velvet dress, love it with the cute coat!


  17. love love the rusty colors in this ensemble!!

    Animated Confessions

  18. i love the coat! :) RED! very christmasy! XXXX ♥


  19. one of my favourite things to do in the summer is sleep on the lawn. Listening to the coyotes and watching all the stars.


  20. Such a gorgeous outfit!!
    Love your hair color!!

    Sabrina O.

  21. That dress is so gorgeous! I am loving all the velvet I am seeing on blogs.

    Embracing Style

  22. Rebecca this outfit is perfect, I really love it!
    I also enjoy night walks, but usually more in the summer with that warm wind breeze, lovely.

  23. Nighttime walks are wonderful. (: Every time I see you wear this dress I love it more!

  24. I wish the dress would have a different cloth in the inside... because of the wide cut you keep on seeing parts of the lighter backside of the fabric, but probably just detail freaks keep on noticing... otherwise it is perfect and as usual very lovely combination :)

  25. Alas, I've watched far too many horror movies for night time walking action, particularly along a deserted pier - eek!

  26. jeeze, that velvet family affairs dress is like the best thing ever. especially for you who likes to remix things like crazy, i feel like that has so many options! and the color is just amazing.

  27. I'm so glad to see this yellow velvet dress again, and I love it with the red. Good blustery weather look!


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