It's Better To Help People Than Garden Gnomes

I visited an old college friend (okay, not so old but I love being able to use that phrase) up north a little while ago. Sadly, she came down with a bad cold while I was visiting, but it meant just spending much of our time indoors under a pile of blankets watching movies…which in my world is never a bad thing. One of the films we watched was Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (it’s rather an obvious favorite of mine, no?). In honor of the lovely Amelie, I thought I’d share some things that make me smile and others that make me scowl.

I dislike:
-people who push you with their carts at the grocery store
-bare feet on cold tile
-stereotypes & boxes
I like:
-people who talk passionately with their hands
-running the backs of my fingernails across fabric
-the way the world looks through rosy sunglasses
What are a few of your favorite and least favorite things?

Outfit details:
ASOS dress
Bebaroque tights
MaraisUSA flats



  1. I love those tights there adorable

  2. Favorite: Peeling apart spanakopita and eating it one flaky layer at a time.

  3. love your tights and what a great film. I had pushy people in grocery stores, not so hard to say excuse me!

    *just missing the stoplight and being stuck for 5 minutes
    *too many ice cubes in a drink
    *my pen dying during a lecture

    *staying up until 3am just to finish a book
    *eating all of the melted cheese off of the meal
    *colorful berets

  4. I really like the colour of that dress, so rich!

    I dislike:

    doing the dishes! there the worst!

    I like:

    That first time in spring when I can drive with my hand out my open window in the wind

  5. I recently watched that movie again, and loved it even more the second time around.

    I like the click of my camera shutter, when my cat curls into a really tight ball against me in bed, being barefoot in the rain.

    I dislike the sound of clinking silverware and people eating but not talking, jumpy elevators, and being barefoot on a dirty floor.

  6. That dress is so cute! And the detailing on the tights is fantastic. :D

  7. You, Hello Valentine and Style Scrapbook are three of my favorite things on the internet right now. You, personally, have been for about 2 years.

    Dislikes: weeping, PMS, depression and family deaths (what's been going on with me).

  8. super cute pictures!

    i dislike:
    -my frizzy hair on cold days
    -people that do not say hi when they see you

    i like:
    -laying on the grass
    -the tangy yet sweet flavor of raspberries
    -the sound of people waking up in the morning

  9. i dislike:
    cring silently
    when there is no hot water in the shower
    that a song you really hate is stuck in your head

    i like:
    walking bare foot
    the smell of mango and rain
    vinyl records

    lovely outfit (:

  10. I love how specific your likes and dislikes are. :) For me, it could only come from someone who has a deep sense of self. You know what you questions about it.

    Unlike me...often times...when asked what my favorite song for mind goes blank. :( so there was a time when I always bring a notebook with me...every time I discover a new like or dislike...I write them down immediately. :D

  11. Nice dress and tights;)
    I love this film too;)

  12. I love all your asos dresses, but this is probably my favourite.

    I like, chocolate, cats and shopping alone.
    I dislike getting a cold, my hair when it gets shapeless and people smoking next to me.

  13. That film is also one of my faves!


    - Peeling my orange peel in one loooong swirl...

    - Eating food with lipstick on...


  14. I love that film too :) Your flats are really cute!

  15. Beautiful outfit
    Bare feet on cold tiles is one of the worst things ever!

  16. I LOVE the dress, its colour is beautiful! And oooh the tights, so quirky, funny and cute!
    Btw I'm also a big fan of Amelie :)

    Hm some favourite things are: vanilla milkshakes, sunsets, puppies, acoustic guitars (although I can't play them haha), cozy bedlinen, blank sheets of paper...

    Dislikes: heat, insects, linguistics at uni, condescending people...

    Oh and I totally agree with your love for people who talk passionately with their hands :)

  17. That must be the best title ever! Either that; or it's the fever speaking ^^,

    My very favorite thing is the first sign of spring. You know; when you wake up in the morning, earlier than usual, go outside and take a sniff of freshly cut grass, while it's still so moist you almost have to wipe your eyelids just to get a peek of the sun-rays climbing over your neighbors house. That's true happiness.

    I dislike authorities, bullies and cold coffee. Not very poetic, but very true.

  18. r..this is beautiful i love that that what's its called..anyway not cold in the snow? i'm jealous i miss snow!!

  19. Some of my favorite things are red hair, vintage clothing, fingerless gloves, writing, laughing, and my boyfriend. Some of my least favorite things are suffering, losing friends, when someone uses a broom on cement, and when my black cat pokes me in the face while sleeping.
    My Heart Blogged

  20. still need to get myself a pair of bebaroque tights, they're always so cool!

  21. Goodness that blue is fantastic on you. I really love that dress actually. It looks like a really great length. I'm so tempted!!

    My favourite things are:
    1. Cloudless, sunny winter days.
    2. About a day into a holiday when you realise that you are so far from home but you feel so lucky to be in such an amazing place.
    3. Reading outdoors in the summer.

    My least favourite:
    1. Goats Cheese!
    2. How fast my fringe grows out.
    3. Noisy people at the movie theatre!

  22. I love how red lipstick and your haircolour works in this incredibly amazing way!

    As for my favourite things:
    -watching my husband eating an apple with a knife (!)
    -putting a towel on my head after i washed my hair and leave it on their till both, hair and towel, are dry (only possible on sundays unfortunately!)
    -losing myself in b/w photography (Doisneau)

    I dislike:
    -people who question everything and everyone but themselves
    -aggressive telephone ringtones
    -touching uncooked meat

  23. There are to many things i like narrow it down

    things i love:
    ~bonfires with my closest friends roasting marshmallows and starbursts
    ~Anything vintage
    ~odd outfits
    ~dyed hair that isnt bright, but an unnatural color

    thins i dont like:
    ~people who laugh at inside jokes they don't like
    ~school... yeah, school

  24. Each time I watch Amelie I end up with my own dislike/like list :)
    Loving the dress! Gorgeous!

  25. I dislike:
    -people who yawn without covering their mouth

    I like:
    -the excitement of opening a long-awaited parcel


  26. love that electric blue dress ! such an amazing colour x

  27. that is such a wonderful movie!

    i like:
    cars that look like smiling people
    pink highlighters
    wearing rainboots and standing in deep puddles

    i dislike:
    bad grammar
    the expression 'rocker chic'
    people who try to do foreign accents and end up sounding like idiots

    (among other things)

  28. Love your tights!

    Glad to hear you still had a nice time visiting your friend!

  29. I really love your shoes!!!

    3 Things I dislike:

    1 People who are rude to anyone in the service industry (waiters and store clerks).
    2 Clowns (the movie "It" is to blame for that)
    3 Calamari; had it once found it too rubbery for my liking.

    3 Things I like:

    1 People who do random acts of kindness.
    2 Keds Sneakers (I think I am alone on that one).
    3 The movie "Dangerous Liaisons". If you never saw it please do!?

    PS I love the tights also Rebecca!;o)

  30. You have such a great knack at finding interesting stockings. These are fantastic!

    I love so many things I don't even know where to begin. My list of dislikes is much shorter, but I"m with you on pushy people with shopping carts (also, the oversized shopping carts meant to look like giant toys filled with 2-3 kids).

  31. I have no idea....
    But your outfits are still so amazing! The dress is so simple, the tights are so different and cute, and I loove military so your cardi is awesome =)

  32. I love your tights- they're so whimiscal.

    Amelie is such a great movie.

    I dislike:
    -the sound of cardboard ripping in two
    -when bathroom doors don't have locks

    I like:
    -the ocean when it's cold and rainy
    -right after the previews end but right before the movie starts
    -my grandmother's stories of growing up in manhattan

  33. Reading all of the likes on this page and in the comments makes me happy! Mostly because I agree with so many of them! I also love those tights...I feel like that would be a great Love the outfit!
    I like:
    *holding my hand out the window of a car
    *feeling water rippling over my bare feet
    *feeling inspired
    I dislike:
    *doing is indeed the worst
    *suddenly remembering that one thing you forgot to do after making other, more exciting plans.
    *realizing after you left the house that your outfit will just not work.

  34. I like..that feeling you get after finishing a great book, getting too-ridiculous-for-words dreams and remembering every detail when I wake up, and watching DVDs with my boyfriend.

    I dislike..people who can't understand the concept of standing in queue, cigarette smoke, and the fact that my little sister lives thousands of miles away from me.

    Your tights are just so adorable Rebecca. And I love staying in, too. (:

  35. I hope you two had photobooth shots taken in honour of amelie and the occasion!

    I dislike people who stop walking abruptly in front of you. Or when the wind blows garbage on your legs.

    I like when word verifications are weird phrases that sound like they could be goth band names.


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