More Than Lace And Ribbon

There's nothing like the combination of vintage fur and creamy lace to make me feel all fancy and posh. Outfits like this are exactly what I love to wear, but they also make me feel like I'm masquerading a bit. Most days I feel like an awkward nerd, not some...oh, I don't know upper east-sider? Whatever I'm channeling visually it doesn't really change my homebody, old lady habits of lengthy book reading and puzzle making.

The cold weather lately is making me never want to venture outside again, but I must admit it's nice the way the chilly temperatures keep my favorite places to go walking pleasantly empty. I imagine in the summer these beaches and pathways will be populated and I'll have to find some other place to wander for solitude...
Outfit details:
vintage fur collar
secondhand belt
tights, gift


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