When The Ocean Meets The Sky

I'll admit it, right now I have more coats than necessary in my wardrobe. But well, anyone who has more than one coat probably has more than "necessary," my wardrobe certainly isn't an example of minimalism. Anyway, a very basic black coat was missing from my collection. I'm so glad I found this one because I think it looks so lovely with my vintage, teal hat.

I find grey days like this one quite fascinating. At heart I would love everyday to be summer and to sit on my front porch drinking lemonade, but variety is what makes life interesting...and there's something very fascinating about days where the separation between ocean and sky is nearly invisible. It's almost as if you could dive into either and disappear into somewhere else entirely.
Outfit details:
vintage hat
ASOS coat
Theory dress c/o StyleFind gift card
Nine West booties


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