Behind Closed Doors

This dilapidated door is in a line of other doors, all of similar condition built right up against the moat wall. The locks are rusty and I'm extremely curious to see what lies behind sometimes I'm tempted to force my way inside to do a little exploring. However, the openings at their feet make me worry that raccoons and the like might be all that populate the interior now. Add to that the disconcerting noises I kept hearing coming from within while I took these pictures and a friend's theory of a secret lab hidden there underground and well, my imagination runs wild. In addition to my largely unfounded fears, I have too much respect for locks and closed doors to actually force my way inside. So, I suppose my curiosity will have to remain unsated for now and I might never know what actually lies behind these intriguing doors.

Outfit details:
TBA dress
Seychelles heels


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