Lend Me Your Eyes I Can Change What You See

This is the oh-so-famous moat behind me. I might have climbed over a fence to get so close to the water, but there are many more impressive things I would do for the sake of a photograph. This is the outside view of the moat; behind me in the second photograph you can see the taller stone wall that is part of the moat's fortifications (that's the wall with the sally ports). Inside of that is where my house is situated. You can walk along the top of the moat wall and get a more aerial view of things (which you can see in this post). So, with this post you've had nearly a 360 view of the moat (the moat from inside & above, from outside and beside, and even a few pictures in part of the moat wall).

Outfit details:
vintage headband
UO coat
vintage dress
ASOS tights
Jeffrey Campbell mary janes


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