Portions For Foxes

One of my favorite collections of NYFW was Jill Stuart. For fall she was inspired by Heidi Specker's photos of the Black Forest in Germany. My family visited the Black Forest when I was little and I still have hazy, dreamy memories of it. Jill Stuart's vision in autumnal colors and whimsical screen-printed owls and foxes certainly remind me of the enchanted woodlands I still picture the Black Forest as. The forest does have a great mythological history; the nearly impenetrable region was rumored to house werewolves, witches, and even a few helpful dwarfs.
While Jill Stuart's collection seems to give a nod to all that lore, Heidi Specker's photographs of the Black Forest are more of a study in contrasts and looking at the landscape in an architectural perspective. Heidi Specker isolates the views of alignment between nature and the built environment. All of the inspirations come together in Jill Stuart's collection that manages to be colorful, fresh, and still completely wearable collection.
*collage pictures courtesy of Style.com, other photographs by Heidi Specker


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