To A Garden Long Deserted

Spring is on it's way with sunshine and warmer temperatures. Unfortunately, for hermits like myself these pleasant conditions tend to draw a crowd. Life inside the moat is usually rather quiet. There are numerous homes, but probably only 10 families dwelling inside the stony barrier. On the weekends when the office buildings are empty it's rather like living in a ghost town...which I enjoy. Now however, our little museum and the moat itself are beginning to draw in tourists who think sunnies days are an excellent excuse to get outside. I understand their motivations and perhaps would even be among them under similar conditions. However, sometimes it's annoying to watch cars drive extremely slowly past your house snapping pictures with wild abandon. I'm also sad to see my docks and secret corners of the beach filling up with visitors. As the conditions improve and summer draws closer I know things will only grow less and less favorable for the recluse in me...

Outfit details:
UO coat
vintage dress
tights, gift from my sister
Jeffrey Campbell booties
purse c/o Deux Lux
Clinque red, red, red lipstick


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