Beyond The Pale To Planted Mrytle-Walk

I've been drawn to more soft shades this spring (pastels if you must, but I rather loathe the term pastels for no rational reason). I've had this dress for quite awhile now and even remixed it before. This is the first time I've worn the dress with such a light jacket and I love how the colors look together. My nude kitten heels from Modcloth complimented the 60s dress and continued the soft tones theme. I also might need to find another spring jacket much as I love this denim number, it might be ridiculous to wear it every single day.

Outfit details:
vintage dress
Tumblr tote



  1. huge fan of this! so soft & pretty.

  2. Love it ♥

    I am all for soft colours too although I don't share a dislike for the word :)

  3. This is a perfect look for Spring.
    I think I'll be abusing my denim jacket too, though I meant to alternate it with my green parka.

  4. I prefer "soft colors" to "pastels", as well; the latter reminds me too much of babies. This look is so pretty, and I love the addition of the denim jacket!


  5. I really love this look, it's just so clean and fresh. Perfect for spring!

  6. love your dress

  7. I wouldn't call them pastels, either. I hate pastels. It makes me think of children, babies, and Easter Eggs, and I HATE Easter Eggs.

    The nude pumps make your legs look lean and gorgeous with that polka dotted charmer!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  8. I love that jacket each time you wear it!

  9. The jacket and little dress go so well together. Makes me feel like changing out of the black outfit I'm wearing today! Haha

    Ps: can your hair tell my hair to grow faster?! Yours is looking incredible these days!

  10. Denim jackets are where its at:) I love mine and frequently need to remind myself that other jackets do exist in the world, but they're just so perfect!

  11. So beautiful! The soft shades on you, they really compliment you in the best of ways.
    lyndsey of hellolyndseyyy<3

  12. I'm really feeling those soft colours too - they've got such a lovely antique feel to them. Your look today is so cute!

  13. I'm really loving pastels/neutrals this Spring too! Which is funny, because usually I love BRIGHTS! I adore this look just lovely!

    ps. my word verification word is: "prehug". Is that the hug you get before a hug? Or maybe it's a kiss? Either way, I'm adding it to my vocabulary. ;-)

  14. You always look so pretty! :)
    I love the colour of the dress with this bleached little denim jacket! And how cool is this tumblr tote?! Do the ysell them on tumblr?

  15. you look great! Seriously, I love everything about this outfit.

    -also have seen what Jessica on WhatIWore did with her tumblr bag? It's pretty cool.

  16. I love the colours, like an ice cream sundae :D I know how you feel about using just one jacket all the time, it's so easy to do

  17. Pastel shades look so good on you
    Especially against your hair
    I love this dress, so pretty

  18. Really love your style ! Nice to discover your blog !

  19. Nice outfit!

  20. this outfit is adorable! especially the soft colors complimented by those shoes!


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