Twirling Your Blue Skirts, Following The Sward

Sometimes it's very hard for me to figure out what to write here. I suppose that it was happens when you record and post your outfit 5 days a week for nearly 4 years--you run out of topics. Everything I start to write seems to repetitive. Shall I ramble about the weather or my obsession with blue which has surged forth once again this spring? And what is there to say about the clothes when they're all pieces I've worn a number of times before?

Oh well, I hope you enjoy the pictures. A tourist (these were taken on top of the moat) walked up while I was snapping them and offered to take my pictures for me. I politely declined and then fiddled with my camera awkwardly until he wandered off. I know my method of running back and forth for the self-timer looks odd, but I've become so used to the process that I can't imagine it any other way. I also don't fancy the notion of posing for a stranger.


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