Memories Are Times That You Borrow

Wearing these heels brings back memories. These are the oldest pair of heels I own and one of the most comfortable since they're by Dr.Scholls (a fact that people often doubt until I take off my shoes and show them the label!). I bought them when my family still lived in Hawaii for an Army ball my father asked if I would like to attend with him. I remember trying them on at the store and feel awkward in them and worrying over the price (an amount that now I think of as very reasonable). The salesperson who helped me was working hard that day and with her urging and some apathetic input from my sister, I bought them. They might have been the only heels I tried on and from the only store at the Ala Moana mall we stopped in because I come from a family that generally dislikes shopping. My mother didn't even go prom dress shopping with me, but instead sent my older sister as proxy whose tastes were (are?) quite different from mine. So in the end of shopping ventures I often had pieces that seemed practical and could be worn at numerous occasions rather than some special, silly piece that spoke to my soul. And those practical pieces always ended up gathering dust in darkened corners of my closet because they held no significance for me.

I wore ballet flats to the ball because at the last minute the heels just seemed too foreign to possibly wear. These heels were shuffled behind my rows of ballet flats and sandals. Later they were boxed up and made several moves across oceans and state lines until one day they drew my eye again. Now, while I don't wear them regularly, they are a practical option for my wardrobe. They're comfortable and classic; a good spring and summer basic although I find the dark brown tone a little harsh with airy, lightweight dresses.
So, the other day as I paired these heels with a simple outfit for running errands and passing a sunny day away, the flood of memories came back and I realized how much I've come sartorially and otherwise. How young I was when I first tried these heels on and stumbled around the department store wondering if they were worth one of my first paychecks and if I could really ever be comfortable wearing heels!
Outfit details:
UO shirt
vintage skirt
Dr. Scholls heels


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