Seek Not New Landscapes, But New Eyes

One of the wonderful things about taking so many pictures is how it makes me appreciate small seasonal changes; metamorpheses more subtle and minute than spring, summer, winter, and fall. My eye is already drawn to the obscure. I'm more likely to note a door with chipping paint than a road sign that might keep me from getting lost, but the process of taking photographs helps to record minute changes. A few weeks ago these small purple flowers weren't here and very soon these blooms will all be gone. In Washington State the fields would change color on a weekly basis; weeds and wildflowers seem to have such a short life expectancy. The root and plants are hardy things that linger on, but the buds are brief and fleeting. I've been here for less than a year, so I can't predict what will follow these small purple buds. My eyes will be open and my camera will be ready to record whatever change may come.

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
Anthropologie dress
Clinque red red red lipstick
self-mixed nail polish


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