Seek Not New Landscapes, But New Eyes

One of the wonderful things about taking so many pictures is how it makes me appreciate small seasonal changes; metamorpheses more subtle and minute than spring, summer, winter, and fall. My eye is already drawn to the obscure. I'm more likely to note a door with chipping paint than a road sign that might keep me from getting lost, but the process of taking photographs helps to record minute changes. A few weeks ago these small purple flowers weren't here and very soon these blooms will all be gone. In Washington State the fields would change color on a weekly basis; weeds and wildflowers seem to have such a short life expectancy. The root and plants are hardy things that linger on, but the buds are brief and fleeting. I've been here for less than a year, so I can't predict what will follow these small purple buds. My eyes will be open and my camera will be ready to record whatever change may come.

Outfit details:
H&M jacket
Anthropologie dress
Clinque red red red lipstick
self-mixed nail polish



  1. I tried so hard to get those seychelles wedges but couldn't find them anywhere in Canada and the online supplier was sold out of my size, so jealous!

  2. I love your outfit. It's simple, but really stylish. I like the colorblock look on the dress.

  3. Amazing blog! Pretty girl like a doll with an elegant style!
    I like it very much! I´m following and you´re on my favorite blog list!
    Kisses from Brasil

  4. I love the dress and shoes you are wearing! I really like the photograph of your crisp clothes against the aging building! Nicely done!

  5. I won't bother commenting on the outfit. It's great and colorful as always, as you do so well.

    It's the writing that has struck me.

    The root and plants are hardy things that linger on, but the buds are brief and fleeting. That sentence is especially poignant to me.

    Is it just me, or does that building look like it has a face, ready to tell its secrets?

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  6. Your nail polish looks very similar to Urban Outfitter's new nail polish color, Smush, just in case you wanted to check it out. It's very pretty, like a light, antique aqua color.

  7. That is a great dress!

    Question: When you self mix nail polish do you do it on nail? Or pour into new bottles?

  8. @meowsk, neither; I mix in a little petri-dish situation; just enough for both hands.

  9. this is a fun take on colorblocking!

  10. that dress is amazingggg! i love the color stripes :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

    awesome dress. i love best about your blogs, the backgrounds you are able to find! so nice to look at!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Artistic Style Blog

  12. I've started to notice things like that too - daffodils wilting slightly, cherry blossoms falling to the ground, too fast for my liking! I love spring, I'd love to stay in a perpetual state of flowers blooming!

    I love this dress, a really lovely take on colour blocking!

    Annah xx

  13. love your dress

  14. You live in such a gorgeous place for photos! Not so much for me... I really love that dress, by the way :)

  15. You're looking stunning, Rebecca! My guess is that the flowers should stay around for another 2 weeks or so. We have them down here in Georgia and all of our other varieties of flowers have withered and gone, the last that should be left of already. :(. It might be different around there, but usually they last until the end of April/beginning of May :).

    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

  16. I LOVE the dress. Super cute! Your whole outfit has an effortless look :)

  17. I love your skirt!! And the shoes! And the post in general!! :)

  18. The dress is quite wonderful!
    One unexpected benefit of blogging has been the ability to record the seasons without effort. looking back at last year makes me depressed at how slooooow this spring has been in coming.

  19. The background to these photos is so interesting, it really ads a lot to the pictures. Your look is great, I especially love your dress!

  20. What a lovely dress! Speaking of flowers, I never really like daffodils. They last for such a short period of time, and then sit there all withered for weeks.

  21. Wow, that is a beautiful dress! I love love love your outfit! XX

  22. You're a younger Jenny Lewis here! Adorable.

  23. Be it a softer, more sophisticated look or a quirkier, funkier edge you're after, Ingrid is sure to bring some fantastic inspiration to the fore! personal style

  24. What a gorgeous dress! So beautiful!

  25. That dress and your hair color and the bricks are just the perfect mix ever.
    So lovely.


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