What Once Was Lost

After sorting through my closet a couple of weeks ago, I unearthed a few pieces that I had semi-forgotten about. I don't truly forget pieces in my wardrobe because I have a very good memory when it comes to clothes (less good when it comes to many other things), but some items definitely get shoved in the back of a drawer or pushed into the shadows of my closet. At that point it's simply easier to wear newer pieces that are within easy reach and come directly into my line of vision. When I do stumble across items that I've had for years, it's almost like discovering an old friend lurking in your wardrobe...only far less creepy than that experience would be in actuality.

Outfit details:
vintage belt
thrifted skirt
Dr. Scholls heels
Deux Lux purse



  1. You already know I love this outfit.

    Red and white. Classic!

    Plus, it's nice to see someone's shoulders. Mine aren't getting any light of day right now in Detroit. UGH.


    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  2. Awww you look so so pretty!!!! I really love this color combination, you pull it off so greatly! It's good to find long lost clothes :) You are very pretty :)

  3. I love this outfit - it's simple and versatile!
    I have the same problem with my closet, I think it just means I have too many articles of clothing!

    I also much prefer your hair the way it is now (to the 2008 post). The red suits you so well!

  4. i wish i had your talent for using older items in a new way. i cant seem to find use for my older clothing and keep having to spend on new items in order feel fulfilled by my wardrobe

  5. I've said this many times before, but red is a great color on you. I love the tank you paired with the skirt. Sorry about the "colorblock" comment on yesterday's post (I saw your tweet).


  6. @Liza, haha, no worries! I kind of expected people to say that...it's just funny b/c 6 months ago people would have just said "cute striped dress." Trending phrases kinda bug me :)

  7. love that red skirt. i'm obsessed with that length right now :) perfect


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  9. "When I do stumble across items that I've had for years, it's almost like discovering an old friend lurking in your wardrobe...only far less creepy than that experience would be in actuality." Haha, thanks for giving me the mental image of my friends peering out from behind the hangers of my dresses. :)

    I really love this skirt on you -- it's a great color.

  10. wow, you have a great outfit memory too!

    Annah xx


  11. Love this outfit, it's so laid-back & cool looking. The skirt is a perfect style & I've always adored your Scholls.

  12. This is such a sweet, simple look! Perfect location for it too- I live by the beach and boardwalks make such great scenes for photos.

  13. I was looking through old photos when I remembered a dress I hadn't worn in years. Can't wait to get back home and get it out!!
    And you look SO young in that 2008 post!! wow!!

    Charlotte xxx

  14. i like the basic tank with the skirt - cute

  15. I really like the red skirt. This a great casual outfit for spring.
    My Heart Blogged

  16. The vibrant, rich colour and cut of that skirt has me freaking green with envy. I'm so jealous. And those sling-backs! I've wanted heels like that for some time... Too bad it's approaching Winter now and I won't be able to wear them anyway :( (I live in NZ).

    P.S. Is that at a beach? Because the photos are gorgeous.

  17. These photos are so beautiful and you look so lovely! Loving the colour of your skirt too. I don't think I have enough clothes to forget about a piece, I wish I did though! :)

  18. love the last photo. you look great. and i adore the skirt.



  19. i really like that belt -- this is an outfit i'd definitely like to recreate.

  20. i loved how you wore it a few years ago even more than this one. You look so different from those shots!!!

  21. You are always just so lovely. This is a great outfit. I really love that skirt! And yes, a friend in your wardrobe would be a little unsettling. ;-)

  22. gorgeous! i must say the last picture has an air of complete sophistication!


  23. That skirt is so classic and pretty. I love finding old things in my closet. Unfortunately I almost never find anything I would truly ever wear again. Good find.

  24. It's funny, because I see you as one of those people who don't really age in terms of looks. Like I truly feel you look the same as you did years ago when you started getting involved in w_r. But looking at that old post, it's like, WOW you've certainly grown up! Lovelier and more endearing than ever, I should say. (:


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