Solitude Is Impratical, Yet Society Is Fatal

My sad little owl bag was quite pleased to be liberated from the closet. Despite the fact that I've had this purse for nearly a year, my father still asked me if it was new. I suppose this is the problem with having so many purses; each doesn't see the light of day that often. My mother prefers to invest in one nice purse and uses that until it falls apart. She will literally use the exact same every single day with every single outfit, which I find very admirable (it also means she's less likely to missplace her keys, wallet, etc...), but so foreign from my personal preferences. I don't usually like to match so literally as I am with today's outfit (I like the color blue more than I dislike matchy-matchy accessories), but I still like to coordinate the accessories in every outfit very precisely. Shoes and handbags are never grabbed with the thought "these will go well enough" (unless I'm away from home and don't have access to all my options), but rather quite thoughtfully selected. I like to test out various combinations and possibilities in front of the mirror until I find a pairing that I respond to. I don't know, I admire the way my mother dresses with so much practicality in mind...but I haven't quite been able to give up my impractical sensibilities yet.

Outfit details:
owl purse via market in Florence
Seychelles heels, gift from my sisters
Clinque red, red, red lipstick


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