All Roads Lead To Pisa

Our second stop in Italy was Pisa, which was very exciting to me because it was my first visit to that fair city. We stayed at a quaint little bed & breakfast with a painting of Jesus over our gilded headboard, ate at a charming little restaurant recommended to us by locals, and were awed by the sight of the leaning tower of Pisa in moonlight. And Pisa smelled like honeysuckles; a sweet perfume that transported me back to childhood. In short, it was a magical experience that has endeared this city to me forever. Climbing the spiral staircase through the leaning tower was a head-trip I won't soon forget. I also will remember the strange, young man with curly hair who asked me to take a picture of him at every possible stop on the journey up. By the time we had reached the roof I had snapped more pictures of his unfamiliar face on his camera than of the sights on my own! It's always little experiences and memories like that one that stick with you the longest; random moments of fleeting significance that still leave a lasting impression.
Outfit details:
Amanda Deer necklace
H&M cardigan
thrifted shoes
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen


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