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On our second day in Barcelona, my friend and I took a little, Gothic walking tour of the city. It was really marvelous to follow around someone who knew the history of the city in depth and we learned quite a bit as we wandered down the narrow cobbled streets. Our guide also had an eye for the modern and pointed out a little Space Invader mosaic along the way. I like that mix of old and new. I enjoy graffiti on archaic wooden doors; streetart on walls older than the country of my birth...

P.S. After a mere week in Barcelona I'm hardly an expert, but if anyone wants to know what sights I recommend or what hostel I stayed at, shoot me an e-mail.
Outfit details:
Club Couture jacket
Saltwater sandals
ASOS sunglasses
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen



  1. I'm so jealous! Ever since reading Carlos Ruiz Zafón's books, I can't wait to go back to Barcelona. I didn't really have a great time last time I was there, but that was so not the city's fault.

    You look lovely, as always!

    Much love,
    According to Annika

  2. Its crazy to think that some structures, art, ideas, etc. have existed longer than the United States has been a nation. A good reality check I think.
    Also, these pictures are lovely :)

    turn that frown upside down

  3. these pictures very nice. i love ur dress very simple but total chick. u always be number one my inspiration to mix n match what i will wear.

  4. I love seeing graf and street art like stencil art and paste ups from people like Banksy and Sheppard Fairey... I feel they've really changed the face of street art and art itself, and people need to learn to respect this art form, rather than calling it vandalism and crime and trying to rip it down...

    Thanks for posting these!

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  5. I find graffiti and vandalism* more appealing to the eyes, and the white dress of yours looks amazing against the door.


  6. What a beautiful backdrop! And a great outfit for touring! I have a pair of saltwater sandals and they are perfect for hours of walking.

  7. ooooh!

    Barcelona, I love this city!!

    I'm from Valencia but I go to Barcelona whenever I can!!

    beautiful dress!!

  8. oh i miss this city so much. i love the crisp white of your dress with the frantic colors of the graffiti, so striking.

  9. Looks like you had a fab trip. I love Barcelona... one of my favourite European cities.Your dress looks perfect for the heat of this city!

    Marisa :)

  10. great choice for a hot day- cool colors are always a great choice! I always end up wearing some ridiculous color that is suffocating while traveling and regretting it! Thank you so much for your kind email about my photos.

    love, polly :):)

  11. Lovely photos! I'd love to visit Barcelona one day. We also have Space Invader mosaics here in Manchester - as you can see in my avatar!

  12. Could you do a post on HOW you did Europe? I know you stayed in Hostels.. did you backpack or use a suitcase? Would you recommend it? How did you pack? What did you pack? Etc... If so, that would be SO useful for my trip to Europe in a month!

  13. great shots, love your look especially those perfect summer sandals.

  14. @Patricia, I might do a video talking about all those things! There's so much in what you wrote--it's a lot to cover...but I'm definitely going to try to address some of it! You can also e-mail me any specific questions you have. :)

  15. this pictures are so awesome!

  16. Oh, I've just been to Barcelona last month! It was so wonderful, I loved the architecture and the whole vibe. And I'm so jealous you got to go into Sagrada Familia! Me & my friends didn't have time because of the insanely long queue. If you're still there and in the mood for tapas, I recommend Tapas 24. There is also a delicious seafood stall in the back of La ramblas market.

  17. Barcelona looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G,the grafiti actually works as a great back drop.A good mixture of mordern and classic

  18. Hey! I am in Paris now and going to Bqrcelona next! Any recommendations for hostels/sights in Barca?

  19. I'm off to Barcelona in September! Might drop you an email if you don't mind!

  20. i would love t og see architecture in barcelona! ive been day dreaming madly about visiting all the things iv only seen in text books


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