Faith Is The First Thing You Should Pack

In the past when packing for trips I have attempted to take pieces that are basic and pragmatic. This time around I merely packed some of my current favorite dresses and half as many as I needed (i.e. 5 dresses for 10 days) and repeated them. So, the suitcase was a hodgepodge of pretty dresses and electronics I barely used (took several camera lens that never left the dark recesses of my luggage). As mentioned before, this dress by Trashy Diva is one of my new spring/summer favorites. It's one of the pieces I will wear repeatedly until I am sick of seeing it. It's not the type of dress most travel guides would list as something good to pack, but it's the sort of dress I actually look forward to putting on in the morning. If I'm going to live out of a suitcase (and I do far too often), then I'd like to fill it with pieces that aren't the most practical, but make me happy. I suppose a pretty dress is my figurative cup of coffee in the morning; a little jolt of excitement to get my day started...
Outfit details:
Gryphon trench coat
Amanda Deer necklace
MaraisUSA flats
ASOS sunglasses
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen


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