House Of Bones

Second to the Sagrada Familia, my favorite thing in Barcelona would have to be Gaudi's House of Bones, or Casa Batllo. Art Nouveau is one of my favorite periods in art history, so seeing this house firsthand and looking out of the swooping windows was a dream. How I would love a home of soft, fluid lines that echo the movement of the ocean! Entrance into this exalted building isn't cheap, but it was worth every penny. Gaudi's unique genius is present in every detail from floor to ceiling. I, for one, couldn't get enough. You move through the house room by room and floor by floor, ending your adventure on the rooftop. We lingered up there to enjoy the early afternoon sun and take a few outfit photographs.

Outfit details:
Triptych dress
ASOS sunglasses
Marais USA flats
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen


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