Hibiscus Hideaway

In Hawaii we lived on a little spot called "Hibiscus Hideaway." The sign was nearly impossible to spot and the street itself was hardly as romantic as the name implied (monotonous military houses painted a painful shade of brown), but we did have hibiscus flowers growing in our tiny patch of yard. That is hardly a noteworthy achievement because it seemed to bloom everywhere on island. I could go on a walk and return with four different color variations of that flower in my hands. I never run across hibiscus here, but at least now I have a dress with a hibiscus print to remind me of those endlessly sunny days. If I'm ever able to live there again I hope to still have this dress with me, because then I will have another Hawaiian perennial, "aloha wear..."

Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
ASOS dress
Talonalia necklace



  1. Love this dress! The cutout back is just adorable! You look awesome as well, and it looks like you had a great weather day :)

  2. Speaking of Hawaii....

    I've been searching listings for rental properties all over Oahu and have found some of the most perfect places around Hawaii Kai, North of Kaneohe and in Kailua.... it makes me happy.

    I can't wait to figure out how to wear clothes in the land of eternal summer. I'm getting excited. We're almost there.

    Your dress totally reminds me of Hawaii, and it makes me so happy.

    Can't wait to debut my Haole Feet.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  3. These photos are absolutely beautiful and that dress definitely does remind me of Hawaii. You have such a radiance/presence to you mamaz, keep on doin' what you're doin'

    infinite x's and o's,

  4. Such a lovely, tropical dress! The back detail is extraordinary.

    much love.

  5. This is the perfect dress!! Floral print, open back, amazing =) I really love this whole outfit actually, the shoes look perfect for summer too!

  6. oh hi!

    i thought you might like to check out my most recent etsy treasury inspired by your blog! see the link below. i enjoy checking in on your outfits and tried to pick some things that reminded me of your style! hope you like it!


  7. I love the back of that dress.

  8. oui the back of the dress compliments your tattoos so perfectly. such a pretty summery look!

  9. Beautiful dress and beautiful place too!!

  10. what a beautiful dress!! I'm loving your tattoos on your back. :-)

  11. a tattoo dress! those cut-outs are perfect!

  12. I love this dress because even though it has a "sexy" back, the rest of it is a modest cut and balances it out really nicely. Beautiful as always :)

    xoxo Maria

  13. Beautiful print! the orange of your nails and the pink look amazing together too.

    Annah xx


  14. stunning pictures. The tattoos are very beautiful!

    xoxo Jeanine and Yasmin

  15. I love the Hawaiian print dress! The open back is really lovely.

  16. Oh that dress is gorgeous- as are these photos, you make me crave the sea and sand! Especially since my sister is away in Thailand and has been updating me on her adventures. Also, I must say that I really loved the video in the post below!

  17. What a great perfect summer dress!


  18. I like the dress! Its simple but very elegant.

  19. Loving this sweet dress and the story to go with it. As soon as it warms up I'm going to start making peppermint hibiscus iced tea! Lovely seaside photos

  20. Motel has some of the best dresses/prints ever! I love the back detail of that dress to death! so cute.

  21. I've been waiting to see these sandals in action. They look so chic and pretty comfortable. Brilliant!


  22. The perfect cut-out back summer dress. You look wonderful, love the flat sandals and your hair! I wish they made dresses like these in a knee-length for us 40-something style stars!
    Check my personal style blog the-a-line.blogspot.com to see how we're trying to look cute in freezing rain in Portland, Oregon!


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