Hibiscus Hideaway

In Hawaii we lived on a little spot called "Hibiscus Hideaway." The sign was nearly impossible to spot and the street itself was hardly as romantic as the name implied (monotonous military houses painted a painful shade of brown), but we did have hibiscus flowers growing in our tiny patch of yard. That is hardly a noteworthy achievement because it seemed to bloom everywhere on island. I could go on a walk and return with four different color variations of that flower in my hands. I never run across hibiscus here, but at least now I have a dress with a hibiscus print to remind me of those endlessly sunny days. If I'm ever able to live there again I hope to still have this dress with me, because then I will have another Hawaiian perennial, "aloha wear..."

Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
ASOS dress
Talonalia necklace


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