Happy Ground

Where did the spring go? The flowers seemed to bloom and perish in the same week. The temperatures rose unsteadily and suddenly. The ice in my veins has begun to melt. It's early May and my skin is already pinking in this bright sun. I have no complaints.

Perhaps the most perfect summer party frock I possess is this brocade one by Neneee. It was born of the dress I collaborated with her on and is exactly the style piece I want to wear every day...So I wear it during the day while running errands even though it is so lovely and fancy. My life is not one of endless parties, but rather feels like one of endless errands, e-mails, and dog-watching. I did attend a bonfire last week, but I was the only one in a dress. Still, it was quite an enjoyable evening and a few people managed to pry me free of my hermit shell...for a few hours anyway.
Outfit details:
Amandadeer necklace
DKNY heels



  1. That is a truly gorgeous dress and would really make all the errands feel a little more fun!

  2. beautiful dress !! i love :)

  3. I'm glad you were able to forsake your hermit ways, for even just a few hours!

    I think that's excellent that you give all of your dressy pieces more wear, even if you are working from home, or just running errands. It's important that we wear our favorite pieces, even if it's just to do something completely functional.

    Otherwise, what's the point of buying them?

    I love Nenee. I wish she would update more often. She's such a vivacious, spritely character.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  4. looks pretty
    love your dress


  5. You look beautiful as always~
    I need to break out of my hermit shell as well.. and so funny because I'm always the only one in my group wearing a dress.

    I feel like I'm simply agreeing with you for the sake of agreeing, but honestly, I'm not. ;)

  6. from one hermit to another, that is most definitely the dress to get pried out for a few hours in ...

  7. I've been wanting to get this dress since I learned about Nenee (when you first posted your collab dress), and don't know why but didn't get it yet, must do it soon, if she still makes it!

  8. You look great! :) I read your blog every day and this outfit is one of my favorites! Simple and fresh. Thank you for the inspirations. Keep them coming!

  9. @Mae Lu, Sadly her shop isn't her only job (yet?!). I've talked to her & she's a bit slammed with her real "job." I wish her shop was her full-time gig!
    @Raquel, I don't know if it is in the shop right now. But you can always e-mail her; she does custom orders, so if she has the fabric & time I'm sure she'll be up for it.

  10. that dress is absolutely gorgeous!! wow!!

  11. Wow that dress is so so amazing. I love it!

  12. Have I told you those shoes are wonderful? Seriously, though. And that dress was made for you... literally, I guess haha :)


  13. No comments on the next post so I had to say it here-
    Thanks for being wonderful and sharing the beauty of poetry. I love that Robert Frost 'Desert' poem. It's so true sometimes and even though it's a little melancholy and not really applicable to today for me, it's so beautiful that it cheered me up after a tough bio exam!

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  15. @Nanananataleee, Thank you so much for your comment! I'm such a melancholy poetry girl, so I'm glad when I'm able to post it here, but I never know how people will respond. I've been trying to add more poetry to my Tumblr. :)

  16. I like it, especially when there's an applicable editorial =). And it sets you apart from the typical daily outfit post bloggers (though those are good, too.) Do you like John Donne? His 'The Good Morrow' has always been my favorite, and I've really been getting into him lately. 'The Dreame' makes me so happy =).

  17. I love your dress! The two tones are so cute! You look so darling Rebecca!

    Meanz (Koi Story)


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