A Palace And A Prison On Each Hand

Whenever people complain about the speed of planes and how they take the "travel" out of seeing new places, I have to wonder what they mean. Certainly a slower means of transportation affords greater views, but there are so many pitfalls and so much time wasted on the road. Removing "travel" from a trip means getting to wake up fresh in a new city without the annoyance of waiting at train stations at the crack of dawn, lugging your suitcase up dozens of stairs, and wondering when you're going to stop rushing long enough to get a bite to eat. I do like walking around new cities rather than taking a taxi or metro or other means of swifter transportation. I don't mind going out on a boat and just taking in the ocean. But when I'm trying to get to a new place, I'd rather skip all the time spent on the road getting there. Needless to say, our train ride from Pisa to Venice was less than enjoyable. However, we survived and even befriended an Italian actor along the way (random strangers like to talk to me and I can't really dissuade them otherwise).
Still, my less-than-stellar mood from the traveling evaporated as soon as we arrived in Venice. It was nighttime and the whole city was glowing and gorgeous. If we hadn't been so tired, we would have wandered over random bridges or even just stood still and stared, mesmerized at the lights reflecting off the water. Venice is decidedly my favorite city in Italy and one of the places I feel like I can visit again and again without growing weary of. Could we make this trip an annual tradition, please?

Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
Amanda Deer necklace
Marais USA flats
P.S. Last year's Venice posts here, here, and here.



  1. Your dress is so sweet!

  2. That's true, but sometimes air travel can take even longer and be more annoying than a train. For small journeys I prefer the train, as you don't have to arrive two hours early, then stand in line, then stand in line again, then be subjected to lots of indignities at security.
    Still, glad you got there in the end!

  3. This dress is georgeous.

    It reminds me of the full skirts of the old times.


  4. I definitely agree with you. I take a train to Chicago once in awhile and I must say I prefer a plane without a doubt. And sitting in a plane for a few hours is always better than driving yourself. I don't get people who would rather drive across the country...
    Also, I want so badly to visit Venice! So glad you posted these :)

    turn that frown upside down

  5. Random strangers talk to me all the time as well.

    All. The. Time.

  6. Venice looks so pretty. I love your dress.

  7. While I know what they mean about taking the travel out of it, without airplanes, we couldn't see the world like we can now! If we had to take off months to take a boat across an ocean. I'll trade in my "glimpses from the road" for the ability to see those places out of reach.

  8. I always fall in love with your cute dresses!



  9. Beautiful photos! And, one of your favorite dresses is just a beautiful when you wear it! Love your travel adventures!

  10. Oh, how lovely!! I adore your dress :o)

  11. whoa! what a sweet dress ! I loved it. The pictures are amazing!

    please come and visit my blog.


  12. I adore the photo of the lamp post! So incredibly pretty! Also pretty? Your sweet little dress! Love it! The colors are gorgeous!

  13. These pictures are just amazing! What a beautiful city!

  14. Love that dress on you! Looks amazing ;)
    PS: Check out my new vintage shop!

  15. Oh my gosh, I love your dress!

  16. I love Venice, and live about 14 hours from there - by train. :) But I do find it romantic (however tireing) to arrive to Venice train station and step out literally on the canal-side. Venice inspires me no end. Probably the best place in the World. :) Can't wait to go back!

  17. Beautiful photos- I love Venice too! Sorry to hear your train trip wasn't enjoyable- I spent 2 months in Europe a few years ago and ONLY took trains and it was such an amazing experience. I hate airports, but I agree that it is much quicker!

  18. I completely agree with your view about just wanting to get some place. I always sleep when we drive up north to visit relatives. I just want it to be over as quickly as possible so I can start my time up there ASAP. Everyone always talks about taking their time on the road and seeing things along the way - which I guess could be nice - but I'd rather just get there. There's a reason I'm going "there" and not someplace along the way.

    P.S.: Great post! I love your dress.

  19. stunning dress and lovely photos.


  20. i would love to go to venice. or anywhere in italy. or basically, anywhere that isn't where i am now.

  21. Oh it's so lovely! One day, fingers crossed next year, I shall be there!
    Your travel posts are always such an inspiration.

  22. You have visited so many places I am desperate to visit. Venice next year hopefully!
    I love travelling to a place, I try and make it part of the holiday! Love planes! I even love sitting around at the airport

  23. That is such a cute dress & your photos are wonderful, as always!

    I totally agree with you! I still don't fly though for the basic fact that I get really claustrophobic on planes. Trains not so much for some reason, but planes I go into an anxiety attack.

  24. Oooh, I wanted to go to Venice so bad but never made it to that side of Italy. It looks so beautiful and your dress is amazing too.

    I have to say, I get reaaaaally tired of the actual traveling part when going to places. Especially when it's an overnight bus!

    A plus,
    Driftwood and Daydreams

  25. so wonderful to see some photos of Venice, I have been there once, and it could quite possibly be one of my favourite places in the world!
    i would definitely like to visit Europe on an annual basis!

  26. wow. Venice is one Italian city I have yet to get to but would LOVE to see in person. These photos are beautiful. and, my what a lovely summer dress!

    I'm ok with trains but overnight ones are never much fun.

  27. Never been to Italy but I would LOVE to, I'm sure I'd fall in love with it the moment I step foot in it.

    Also, I think long travel some times brings out the best and worst in some/most people. Especially towards the end where people tend to get cabin fever, homesick, and cranky. You just have to remember what an amazing opportunity you are having to get to discover the world

  28. @Eli, Oh I agree; I mean I also work really hard to be able to travel since it's all self-funded & I want to enjoy it when I'm there! My friend and I didn't really get cranky--just exhausted, tired feet & arms, harrassed by some strange people, etc. It's mostly a sense that you're losing time on long travel days; like forced to sit in a train/car instead of being out & exploring things!

  29. oh my goodness, venice. i miss it! my flatmate is doing an erasmus there, i think it's one of my favorite cities ever!

    Annah xx


  30. Beautiful photos! Personally I prefer train travel, and enjoying the scenery. But I'm a bit of a nervous flyer. ("A bit" = I have to cling onto someone's hand during take off and landing.)

  31. I am absolutely loving your posts! I'm currently driving my boyfriend mad to take me on holiday now. Your pictures always make everything seem so bright and sunny! I'm really jealous of all the places your going to, I'm definitely keeping a list of them they all look gorgeous! Have fun!

  32. I'm so jealous! Venice was my favorite city in Italy as well and I keep hoping that someday I will be able to go back.

  33. Your Venice posts are beautiful! I went to Venice a few years ago and fell completely in love. You captured it well.


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