A Realist Becomes A Romantic In Venice

It would be lovely to pass many more days away in Venice; sitting in an expensive cafe in Saint Mark's Square, listening to Vivaldi and watching the tourist flood by in a stream of busy color and excitement. Or stealing into the lofty chambers of an ancient church, staring at a masterpiece by Tintoretto, and watching faithful parisheners light candles for loved ones. Finding a secluded bench near a small canal, to eat gelato in the shade, and watching how the sun arching through the sky shifts the water's colors and patterns. There are so many lovely little experiences to be had in Venice and as always, the time there was too brief and fleeting. I spent far more time enjoying those sights as I tripped past them on my way to yet another dot on the map than leisurely enjoying this fair city; such is the lot of a tourist with limited time and lofty goals. And yet, I still have yet to ride in a gondola, or parade down the streets in a mask...experiences I like to think of as "reserved" for my next visit.

Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
H&M dress
Marais USA flats


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