Bottled Poetry

It is quite nice to return home to friends, family...and packages in the mail! I do think packages in the mail are one of life's small pleasures. If they're from loved ones then it means you were thought of. Even if it is items you've purchased, they feel like presents when they come all packed up for you to unwrap. When I got back from Italya little brown box from Luxxor was waiting for me with this stunning vintage bottle necklace inside. The lid on the flask is functioning so now I'm trying to decide what to place inside the bottle--a slip of paper with some of my favorite poetry or perhaps a handful of sand from my favorite beach? For now it hangs empty on it's chain; just a pretty shell of vapid beauty until I find some greater purpose to put it to. The bright colors and unique design inspired a simple, flowy outfit. I'm quite in love with the ease of this dress. I think I need more airy, light layers this summers--especially if our weather continues to be sweltering!

Outfit details:
UO sunglasses
H&M dress
vintage purse, thrifted
Illamasqua nail varnish in Gamma


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