The Waves Are Always Whispering To Florence

After our brief dalliance in Barcelona, my friend and I headed over to Italy for further adventures. We only spent one whirlwind day in Florence (which I visited last year too) and sadly the weather was unkind to us. The weather alternated between heavy downpours and a light drizzle until the late afternoon when we were too weary to enjoy anything, the skies finally began to clear. Even with ominous clouds above, Florence is a lovely city and one never really gets over seeing the David firsthand. My friend was properly awed by her experiences and her excitement was quite infectious. It's nice to travel with people who make you eager to get up in the morning and keep you on your toes all day!
Outfit details:
Amanda Deer necklace
ASOS dress
Tabio tights
Marais USA flats
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen



  1. aww I lived in Florence for a year and everyday I was amazed by how beautiful it was!

  2. Did you get to eat the gelato at Grom? There are always long lines, but it is so worth the wait!

  3. I love Florence, it's so beautiful!

  4. aaah Florence... My first trip with my boyfriend 1 and half year ago! ^^
    It's a so beautiful town that I wanted to move from Paris to live there ^_^
    I really love your red bag!! You are color block today! I love this association of colors... The blue, the red and this grey purple... Nice!!
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  5. Beautiful pictures! Your coat is spot on with these photos!

  6. Those pictures are just breathtaking. I would love to visit there someday.

    And on another note, that purse is fantastic. It really pops with that outfit.

  7. I love the architecture in those buildings, they are so intricate! I would love to go there someday.

  8. Florence is lovely, and these pictures are great! The Duomo is so beautiful, I wish people still built buildings like that!
    Love the outfit, that colour of that dress is fab :)

  9. When traveling, my husband and I get so tired... we end up staying out late, drinking, and then sleeping in until noon the next day, and then mentally beat ourselves up for losing so much of the day. It's nice hanging out with someone who energizes you and is enthusiastic about travel, but it's also nice to have someone who makes you want to stay in the hotel room and relax, especially if your life is super busy to begin with!

    I think traveling with you would be 1000% interesting!

    PS. we're finalizing our plans to move to Hawaii in 2012. I know you're in VA now, but you're welcome to visit me any time once we're settled in! I'd love to meet you one day.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

  10. I will be visiting Florence on my trip to Italy (in less than two weeks!). So excited :)
    Do you have any little traveling tips for Italy?

  11. absolutely stunning! love what your wearing too

  12. Traveling is always better when your travel-buddy is excited to get out and see as much as possible. I must say I love that you just brought fun dresses to wear the entire trip. You look very cute here!

  13. Oooh, gotta love Florence! Too bad the weather wasn't better, but you got some beautiful pics!

  14. Love Italy!!

    PS: We’ve just launched a new prize draw on Abataba’s blog. Do you take part in?  Good luck!

  15. you always seem to coordinate with your surroundings in a subtle way. love the colour of the dress too.

  16. I love how your red bag/blue dress peaking out fromg rey mirrors the colours of the buildings! You must have had Florence in your soul as you were packing :)

  17. Florence was one of my favourite stops in Italy! It's a shame the weather was awful, they have some really nice outdoor markets there.

  18. wooow :) beautiful place & beautiful girl! :)

  19. i adore the pops of colors in your outfit so much! surely makes you standout from the solemn facade..<3

    ♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

  20. Another place I am eager to visit!

  21. Again that gorgeous dress and bag combined, the perfect summer colours together!

    PS: I've been rereading some of your old posts, Rebecca. And some from 2009 seem to be merged 2 in 1. Don't remember if you posted them like that but I'm almost sure you didn't. Anyway, just thought to let you know :)


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