The Waves Are Always Whispering To Florence

After our brief dalliance in Barcelona, my friend and I headed over to Italy for further adventures. We only spent one whirlwind day in Florence (which I visited last year too) and sadly the weather was unkind to us. The weather alternated between heavy downpours and a light drizzle until the late afternoon when we were too weary to enjoy anything, the skies finally began to clear. Even with ominous clouds above, Florence is a lovely city and one never really gets over seeing the David firsthand. My friend was properly awed by her experiences and her excitement was quite infectious. It's nice to travel with people who make you eager to get up in the morning and keep you on your toes all day!
Outfit details:
Amanda Deer necklace
ASOS dress
Tabio tights
Marais USA flats
*outfit pictures by my friend Jen


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