Interview: Letters From Maud

I've been reading Letters From Maud (and the blog she had before it) for ages. Maud truly is a romantic soul and her blog is a true reflection of that. She is blogging about her adventures abroad right now, but she took some time to answer a few questions and plan her dream party.

What type of party is it?
A summer dinner party (my favourite kind of party).
Who's invited?
Anyone who wants to come, on condition that they bring with them as a guest their favourite literary character so that we could all discover each other.
Where does it take place?
Somewhere big (this is likely to be a very busy party). An old country mansion, perhaps, with sprawling, messy gardens in which we could all stumble after eating. A place that could be haunted, but probably isn't.
What are you serving?
Oh my, I don't know... There will be a lot of us, so we'll need a lot of food. Some quiches and salads and something with salmon in it and fruit tarts and chocolates for dessert. And plenty of wine and champagne (my imaginary resources are limitless).
Who would get to sit next to you?
If I'm playing hostess, I wouldn't want anyone to feel neglected. I think we'd all mill around and talk to each other.
What is the theme or what is everyone wearing?
I'm not a fan of theme parties, so I suppose the theme is just 'pleasant evening,' really. Everyone needs to dress up, though. Women in dresses or skirts, men in jackets and shiny shoes. I'm in a bit of a 1920s-Virginia-Woolfish kick these days (I'm currently living in her old neighbourhood of Bloomsbury in London!), so ideally there would be lots of muted colours and delicate floral prints and that sort of thing.
Is there entertainment?
Ideally there would be a small jazz ensemble that could play soft, atmospheric stuff while we eat and later transition into some dancier music when we want to swing around! Knowing how parties I attend usually unfold, at some point someone would pull out a laptop and speakers and put on something mildly embarrassing but totally wonderful, like the Spice Girls or cheesy French hip hop.
Are there any party favors?
Upon entering the party, all of the guests (including the fictional ones) have to bring their favourite book and leave it on a big table. When everyone leaves, they can pick up a book that one of the other guests has left.
What are the hot topics of the evening?
Literature, quite obviously, but also art and music and someone's bound to bring up something controversial and opinions will flare (I perversely delight in situations like these). We'll probably all think that we're terribly clever and dive into theology and philosophy as we get tipsier and then when we're sick of being pseudo-intellectual frauds we'll stop talking altogether and go dancing.
Who is the most likely to get drunk and dance on the table?
Er, I don't know. Definitely not me, though!
Who is the last to leave?
I wish I could say 'me' (as hostess, I should see everyone off, no? And clean up?), but to be honest I'll probably have got tired and fallen asleep on a lawn chair or something.
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