Put A Bird On It

So, I mentioned this tote bag earlier and asked for everyone's opinions on which design to choose and now it is a reality. Eep! I partnered with Promotes.Me to produce the bird tote. It's wonderfully exciting to carry around a bag featuring some of my doodles. I chose the birds since several people said they felt uncomfortable carrying a bag with a human face on it (hopefully I'll make another tote one day for people who liked the other designs better). I'm very happy with how the design translated into a tote and the tote itself is the perfect size and quite sturdy (10 oz cotton canvas). I couldn't resist debuting the tote with a new favorite dress of mine. It's from Zara and Noel of The Owls Are Not What They Seem bought it for me since there are no Zaras here in Virginia (it's good to have friends in other states). It was a tad too big and I didn't like how a shoulder detail on it looked on me, so it has undergone a number of alterations (taking in the sides, shortening the sleeves, raising the shoulders), but now is pretty much perfect.
If you are interested in a tote, they're available right now for pre-order: $20 and free shipping (domestically, unfortunately! we will calculate international orders individually).
Outfit details:
ASOS sunglasses
customized Zara dress


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